Friday, January 10, 2014

Coffee Date Friday

Hello Friends!  Thanks for stopping by for our weekly coffee date, where I (we) share the goings-on of the week over my very favorite hot beverage.  I'm linking up with Rags to Stitches for our chat. :)
If we were meeting over coffee this morning...

...I would tell you that school started back for my little girlies this week.  Christmas break was really nice, and we had a lot going on at first, then spent the end of it recovering from colds and doing lots and lots of relaxing.  Our holiday season was pretty brutal, so we needed lots of R&R to get back on track!  But as anxious as I was to get back in a good routine this week, it has been a bit of a struggle!  Despite my best attempts at prepping for the next morning (night-time baths, picking out clothes and setting out breakfast), we have barely gotten to school on time each day.  The beds have been too warm, and my girls have been all full of cuddles in the morning to get up on time!  Maybe next week we'll get it all together.
...I would tell you that I have been pretty productive around the house this week, finally able to devote some time to the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and the worst chore ever, taking all the Christmas decorations down!  I have been sweeping up evergreen needles for days, and will be for months ahead, I'm sure.  But at least the house is looking a litttttle bit cleaner, room by room.  And we finally have clean clothes!  Hallelujah!

Mid- rearrangement.  See that ridge about 3/4 of the way up?  Yeah, that's what started this whole thing.

...I would tell you that I have also been on a decorating and redecorating kick.  Yesterday, I walked into our master bedroom and finally had enough of the bump in our rug under our bed.  I could not take it anymore.  So, I started to move the bed to try to get the bump out of the rug, which of course made it worse.  Then I started to visualize a completely different arrangement for all the furniture, and at 4:00, decided to completely rearrange the room.  No better time, right?  Not to mention, the living room was covered in toys, I had not yet cleaned our sink full of dirty dishes, and hadn't started dinner yet.  I mean, perfect timing.  So, the bed was moved.  I moved the rug.  I vacuumed as I went.  I had lots of uninvited help. :)

This little "helper" thought it was HILARIOUS to ride the rug as I moved it across the floor :):)

Then I tried to move the bed back.  Broke the bed.

Fixed the bed.  Put the mattress and box spring back on the bed.  THANK GOD the bed was fine.  That would've been a hard one to explain to Scott. :)  Anyway, an hour and a half later, the master bedroom was back in good shape, NO BUMP IN THE RUG, cleaner than when I first started, and in a much better set-up than before as well!  So now that I'm really happy with the arrangement, I want to get it decorated and transformed into the comfy, non-cluttered bedroom I have wanted.  The good thing is, for the most part, all I have to do is add a few blankets, re-hang one set of curtain panels, make a few new (and buy a few new) pillows, and rework everything hanging on the walls.  Oh, and a few slipcovers.  And some serious purging.  I also want to get serious about the other decor projects I have on my list: the girls shared bedroom and the kitchen, most importantly.  I have done bits and pieces here and there, but, as I think I have said before, I totally have home decor ADD.  I do a few things here and there in one room, but then get distracted and do a few things in another room, and then another, and end up with 3 rooms halfway done and nothing fully complete.  I'm going to try and focus on one room at a time and get them finished!  I mean, we've only been here two and a half years, you think I'd have all this done by now!

...I would ask you what your plans are this weekend?  It's supposed to rain here, so after being housebound due to frigid temps earlier this week, we will housebound again this weekend due to rain!  PS-Rain is usually not that big of a deal, but there is nothing worse to me than having to get out with all three kids in the rain.  No errand is worth that kind of fun.  So I think we are going to break out some of the fun arts and crafts toys and games that the kids got for Christmas (that I set aside on purpose for a weekend like this) and get crafty!  Brantley and I will probably work on some woven potholders (remember those!!) and needlepoint (with big plastic "needles"), Grayson and I will do some color collages, and Bennett and I will create some fingerpainted designs.  Nothing gets rid of the rainy-day blues like some big art messes! :)

So that's about it for us today!  Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a fun (or relaxing, or productive, or exciting) weekend!  See you Monday!

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  1. linking up with Alissa's coffee date: pretty sure your room re-arrange story has happened around here a few times. I totally have home decor ADD...and it flares up at the worst times. have a fabulous weekend! xoxo


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