Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best Website Ever

If you know me at all, you know I love monograms.  Monogrammed jewelry, hats, bags, children, pillows, you name it, I have a monogram on it.  We have our monogram cut out of wood hanging over our bed.  I had a monogram shower when we got married.  This girl loves a good monogram.

So naturally, when I saw this link on Pinterest the other day, on how to create your own personalized monogrammed stickers for free, of course, I added it to my Monogram Obsession board.  So when I clicked on it yesterday to check it out, not only did I find these adorable monogram stickers, but a plethora of monogram goodness!  And all for FREE!!!!!!

The website is called Printable Monogram, and that's exactly what you do.  There's a bunch of printable templates, and you type in your monogram and print it off yourself!  All for free!!  You can create your own calling cards to slide into your luggage tags (FOR FREE!)... can also create a monogrammed phone charger sticker!  You can buy sticker paper to print it out on, cut it out, and stick it right onto your charger!

You can create printables with your monogram to frame for decoration in your house!  Add a monogram to a cute gallery wall!  Put them in your kids rooms or nursery!  Seriously, I am as excited about the monogramming possibilities as my punctuation indicates!!!

So anyway, I just thought this website was far too fun to keep to myself.  I'll be printing off some cute stickers this weekend, and maybe a calendar (yeah, they have those too!) and calling cards too!

Have fun!

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