Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Scenes From the Sewing Room

Me, at 3 am, with no makeup and dirty hair

My desk/sewing table, complete with post-its and lots of coffee cups

Orders ready to be completed

Trying to stay neat is impossible right now

Bunches of t shirts

Amazing Things are Going to Happen

Don't Forget to be Awesome

New sewing machine

So, I've pretty much been working away in my sewing room for the last week straight,  and I thought I'd share my views.  Nothing too exciting, just tons of fabric, bulk elastic, and a couple of priceless workers, slaving away in my sweatshop.  Though, Mom did comment that at least in a sweatshop you get paid something... :)  Oh Mom... :)

Anyway, please forgive my blogging inconsistencies for the next few weeks, I'm doing what I can.  Thanks!

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