Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas, Y'all

This holiday season has really been a whirlwind.  I did not anticipate it being as busy for me as it would be, and as ambitious as my to-do lists and bucket lists can be, sometimes I got really down on myself for things that I didn't get to.

I didn't get to take the kids to the outdoor movie screening.  I ordered the kids ornaments instead of letting them pick them out.  Noodles our elf gave up about a week ago.  I still have to wrap our Christmas gifts.  We didn't drive around looking at Christmas lights.  My outdoor wreaths are sitting in a pile on a chair in my dining room, exactly where I sat them the day after Thanksgiving when I unpacked them.

But I decided today, that if I focused on all the things we didn't do this Christmas, I would be missing out on all the wonderful memories that we did make this year.  

We spent time with our extended families, and had fun cousin time.  We visited Santa Claus, and did a little Christmas shopping together.  We had family Christmas movie nights, and read Christmas books together.  We made and decorated Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, drank hot chocolate, rode the Blue Ridge Train with Santa, and watched and participated in Christmas programs and Happy Birthday Jesus parties at school.  Scott and I both drove and expanded our own businesses to support our family.

So what if I didn't get the wreaths up, and we missed out on a few events.  We spent time together.  We talked about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas.  We were a family, and tomorrow we will stay in our jammies all day, graze on appetizers and our traditional Christmas day soup, play with toys, take naps, and enjoy our time together.  We will focus on the things we are doing, not the things we missed.  We will live in the moment, be intentional, and take mental snapshots of the whole day, as we spend it together, as a family.

I feel like so much pressure can be put on us moms at Christmastime to make every single day and every single minute a Christmas memory.  And I am just as guilty as anyone.  But just because not every item is marked off the list and not every present is wrapped beautifully, doesn't mean your Christmas won't be full of wonderful memories for your children.

So kick back, mama.  You've done a great job and your kids are going to have a wonderful Christmas.  I am going to sit with mine all day today and all day tomorrow, and soak in these wonderfully simple and magical Christmas moments.

Merry Christmas, y'all.  Lots and lots of love to you and your family.

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  1. Aww love the Santa picture! Sounds like you were able to do some great activities with the kids - I'm sure they loved it all :)


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