Monday, December 23, 2013

Goat & Lulu Holiday- By the Numbers

Hellllllo, friends!  I know I was MIA last week, and good reason.  I spent pretty much every waking hour sewing and finishing my Goat & Lulu Holiday orders, and GOOD LORD am I happy to be (almost) done.  I thought I would share a little bit about how this season went for my little company through the numbers.

6:30- the time (in the morning) that I am writing this post, after being up ALL NIGHT LONG completing my orders.

1- the number of orders I have left before I am FINISHED sewing until after Christmas.

319- the number of orders I had this holiday season

2- the number of sewing machines I burned through making all these orders

353- pairs of pajamas I made 

87- aprons I made

62- chevron peasant dresses I made

39- reversible turkey and Christmas tree dresses that I made (and numerous other items from the shop that I made).

200- times I wanted to throw my hands in the air, turn off my phone and computer, crawl into bed and just quit.

200- times I just kept going.

1- unpaid worker/helper that assisted me in making all the clothes (Thanks Mom!).

2- PAID workers that I employed to help me through the holidays (Thanks Marci, and Thanks Hoda!).

15- pairs of pajamas in my biggest order of the season.

4 million- cups of coffee I drank, at all hours of the night and day.

2- number of hours it took me to make the above dress, my favorite thing I made all season!

6- pairs of pajamas I can make in that same amount of time.

6- days a week I shipped out packages.

3- postal workers that now know me by name.

50- Christmas Handtowels that were included in the Tethered Crate's Holiday Crate.

5- times I fell asleep and napped at my sewing table.

5- seasons of Breaking Bad that I watched on my computer while I sewed.

10- number of times that I increased my sales over last year's numbers.

2- number of Christmas parties I had to miss since I had to keep sewing.

0- Preschool Christmas programs I missed due to Goat & Lulu. :)

I literally have not gone to bed yet, so hopefully I can get about an hour in before the kids start to wake up?  A HUGGGGGE thank you to my friends, family, and customers for such a successful holiday season.  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  And truly appreciate your business!

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  1. you are amazing!!! and congrats on all your success with goat and lulu....i couldn't imagine a more deserving person! :)
    merry christmas to the luton family!!!

    1. Thank you, dear!! :) Merry Christmas to y'all too! :) :)

  2. Oh my heavens girl, that is one BUSY holiday season!! I can't wait to see Colton's pj's we won from Dawn's blog, pretty sure we will be ordering for next year ;)

    1. Hey Ashley, yes, it has been CRAZY! And I hope Colton's pjs arrived today, otherwise for sure they will be there tomorrow. I hope you enjoy them!


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