Thursday, December 26, 2013

Favorite Posts of 2013

First of all, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  We, unfortunately, are all sick (except for Gracie, but its only a matter of time for her), so we had an even more laid back day yesterday than planned, and we planned on a pretty laid back day.  But it didn't stop us from opening bunches of presents from Santa, then from Bammy and PaDaddy once they arrived.  We ate lots of yummy food and since I am (thankfully) on the upswing of my cold, I enjoyed my fair share of adult beverages after the babies were all in bed.

Anyway, since Christmas is now over, we're looking back on this year, and looking forward to 2014!  So, I thought that I would highlight some of my favorite and most popular posts from this year, one from each month.


Daddy Diaper Duty Kit

My sweet niece Sally Kate will be turning one on January 31st, and I made this Diaper Duty Kit for my brother's "man shower" before she was born!


Lock Up Your Scissors

So, SO glad I can laugh at this now... :)


Building a Mom Wardrobe

I have actually had several requests to create a winter/cold weather version of "How to Build a Mom Wardrobe," so look for that in the near future!  Otherwise, check out the original. :)


Playroom Reading Nook

Our Playroom Reading Nook was featured on the Pottery Barn Play Space Pinterest Board, and also on!  Too bad the picture above is the best and the cleanest it has EVER looked! :)


How To Make a Succulent Terrarium

A really fun activity, and one I plan on repeating again once the weather warms up!


My Miscarriage

I am personally proud of this post.  It took me months to write this, and I was terrified to actually share all the emotions of my experience.  But over and over, I am so glad that I did.  So many people shared their stories with me, and told me how alone they felt in their own experiences, and how my post made them feel unashamed.  It still makes me cry to read it, and especially to read the emails and comments from my friends, family, and perfect strangers.


My Mom's Famous Peach Cobbler

Need a good dessert and fast??  You MUST try this one if you haven't yet!


Craft Room Redo


After the holidays, it looks as though a tornado, hurricane, tsumani and earthquake have all hit my craft room simultaneously, but after looking back at this post, I intend on cleaning it back up again!


DIY Photo Canvases

These are still up in my living room, and I still LOVE them!


Roasted Chicken with Carrots and Potatoes

Super simple and completely delicious dinner.


Hot and Cheesy Corn Dip 

Another yummy recipe, this time for an awesome appetizer for any occasion.  Even just eating it all by yourself.  Not that I would know. :)


Noodles has Arrived

Noodles has left us for the year, but we sure had fun while he was here!
Hope y'all enjoyed those posts from this past year, and thank you for hanging around these parts and reading along!  I truly appreciate you and hope you'll continue to follow in 2014!

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