Friday, December 27, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

Good morning friends!  I'm still trying to get back in to the swing of things, but am so glad that you're joining me for Coffee Date Friday!  I'm linking up at Rags to Stitches, for our weekly chat. 

If we were meeting over coffee this morning...

...we would be sitting amidst new toys, lots of boxes and piles of new clothes, and definitely be in our jammies!  We'd be enjoying some yummy Starbucks brew (thanks, Santa for the bag you left in my stocking!), and we'd be watching the kids play market, play trains, ride around on their scooters, and play on their leapsters.  And yes, they're eating M&M's this morning too.  It's still a holiday around here, and you can have M&M's for breakfast on holidays in this house. :)

...I would obviously ask you how your Christmas was!  Did you stay home?  Travel?  Stay in your jammies all day (like we did)?  We had a nice, relaxing Christmas, except that everyone except Grayson was sick.  Poor Scott was miserable all Christmas Day, and despite my very best efforts to keep Ben's fever down, it spiked after a nap on Christmas Eve, and he had febrile seizure #8.  So, the best Christmas in the books?  Probably not.  But we were together, Santa came, and Bammy and PaDaddy did too, and since we're all now on the upswing, we're taking our time getting back  to our normal routine.  We've had a doozy of a holiday season, and I think we have all earned some rest!

...I would tell you that it's nice to have only 30 orders in my Goat & Lulu queue versus 100!  I did literally 10 times the business this year that I did last year, and though I am TOTALLY not complaining, along with that came 10 times the stress.  I have some big plans for Goat & Lulu for 2014 and changing up my business model a bit, and hopefully for Holiday 2014, I won't be quite so overwhelmed.

...I would also tell you that even though a few days ago, when I was finishing up the last of my Christmas orders, I swore I never wanted to sew another pair of pajama pants ever again, I have the itch again.  I gave myself the 23rd, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, but was upstairs sewing again last night.  It was actually a perfect amount of time to recharge my batteries and let myself get back into it slowly.  And it was definitely nice only having 2 orders to get done, and only being up there for a few hours, versus 10 that needed completing, and working until two in the morning.  I have certainly caught up on some much needed sleep in the last few days.

...I would tell you that more toys from Santa and family means a big trip to Goodwill is in our near future!  I cleaned up the playroom a bit before Christmas, and filled two garbage bags full of old toys that don't get played with anymore, or baby toys that the kids have grown too big for.  Thankfully, we have two different organizations that call on us regularly that will come pick up donations from us, so all we have to do is set the bags on the porch and let them do the rest.  Definitely a win-win!

Thanks for joining me this morning.  I'm planning on getting back to my daily posting schedule next week, and I hope to see you back. :)  Have a great weekend and see you Monday!! :)

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