Monday, November 11, 2013

Why My One-Year-Old is Awesome

Scott took the girls to Aiken this weekend for a visit with the in-laws, while me and Ben stayed at home.  I had (have) so many orders that need to be shipped our before Thanksgiving, and Scott and I both agreed that this would be a good opportunity for me to get some work done.

So, all day Saturday and half of Sunday, it was just the boy and I.  Other than a few trips to the store while his sisters are at school, Ben and I don't get a whole lot of one-on-one time.  So while Brantley and Grayson were soaking up cousin time and Nana time, I was enjoying bunches of Bennett time.  And not that I didn't know it before, but I had a whole new appreciation for my little boy while we had some time to ourselves.  And I decided that officially, one year olds are awesome.  Particularly mine.  And here's why:

Ben doesn't watch tv yet.  So he doesn't insist on Dora the Explorer on repeat for 8 hours straight, and then throw a fit if I don't give in.  If he catches a little in-between-episodes Yo Gabba Gabba song, he is thrilled, but, praise the LORD, I actually got to watch some mommy tv this weekend.

He is SO easy to entertain!  Bennett has just started coloring, and I couldn't believe how quietly he sat at the table and colored with his sisters before dinner last week!  And I swear, he kept himself busy, easily half the day on Saturday, by carrying around an empty cup and putting broken crayons in it.  And when I chase him around the room, he thinks that is the best game ever, so that's as involved as I have to get.  

The kid is still in diapers, so no potty training pressure!  Potty training is pretty much the bane of my existence, I despise it.  I will take diapers over potty training any day.  And only one kid?  Piece of cake.

He still naps!  Ah!  And not just one, but typically two nice long ones.  He gives me a break, which is so nice since the girls don't ever stop!  But my little buddy needs his beauty sleep. :)

I missed Scott, and the girls this weekend, of course, but Ben and I played, laughed, shared some secrets and had such a fun time with each other.  I don;t know if it's because he's my last baby, or if I'm just a more laid back mom than I was when I only had Brantley, but I am trying to really savor each moment with each of my children, but especially Ben.  When they are a year old, they are exploring, they are testing, they are active, but they are really, really wonderful.

I had such a fun time with Ben this weekend.  What a little (well, chunky) blessing he is. :)

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