Thursday, November 7, 2013

What's in My Makeup Bag

It used to take me a lot longer to get ready in the mornings.  Nice long shower, leisurely pick out my outfit, blow dry my hair, put on my makeup, grab some breakfast, head to work.  It's a little different with three kids.  And especially this past week.  It's been more like, sit straight up in bed and jump right out because you have 20 mintues to have all the kids dressed, fed and out the door, maybe get my teeth brushed, slip off my pajama pants and on my jeans, while keeping on the same shirt I slept in, and throw on a cardigan.  But I still always manage to get my makeup on.  Nowadays it's usually in the car, but it's one thing I always do.  Mainly because I tried going to the grocery store without it once, and truly did not recognize my face as I glanced into a mirror in the store.  I decided then and there that I was not 17 anymore, and just can't expect to look well-rested and fresh faced without the help of some beauty products.

I do, however, have a MUCH quicker makeup routine than I did way back.  I can fit my everyday essentials in a small makeup bag that I can fit in my purse, and I can put it on whenever and wherever I get the chance.  I thought I would share my necessities, and how I scale down my entire makeup routine to either 2 mintues or 5 minutes at the very most!

2 Minute Routine

This is what I use on a typical day.  Not much, but what I do put on does the job!  I, never fail, always at least use these 5 items:

Tinted Moisturizer- I love this Garnier BB Cream.  It evens out my complexion with a very sheer coverage, which I like.
Concealer- This concealer has a sponge applicator that I love.  It blends well and covers my big mama bags under my eyes. :)
Blush- I've been using Nars Orgasm (a pink-y peach with gold undertones), but I also like really bright pinks, since a little goes a long way and gives you a lot of color.
Mascara- I have been using Mary Kay, which I like, and always curling my lashed before applying.  The eyelash curler is KEY.
Lip Gloss- I like usually like reddish/pinkish.shimmery, but just anything with some color works for me.  Lipstick is probably my favorite thing to wear!

5 Minute Routine

Exactly the same as my 2 minute routine, just adding a few items for more detail, and more focus.  I love Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, and swear by it.  I apply it with a long fine brush, and prefer it so much to pencil eyeliner.  I also add eyeshadow, again, I love Bobbi Brown products.  I stick with a pretty neutral palette for eye shadows, and I love Bobbi Brown's basics.  I also add some red lipstick and put the gloss on over the top. And then ready to go!  In 5 minutes!

I am nosy and love seeing what products people use and what they have in their purse makeup bags!  Its so funny how my makeup stash has changed since I have had kids.  But it's the least I can do for myself to at least look somewhat rested and refreshed! :)

So, what's in your makeup bag?
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