Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Hey Friends!  I'm here again this Wednesday to share my weekly outfits, in a continued effort to keep myself accountable, and out of yoga pants and jammies all day long.  And I have to admit, it's been tough lately, with everything going on in our family, the drop in temps, and all the yucky colds that have been making their way though the house.  But I have a few outfits to share, and I'll spare you from the dirty hair and stained pajama pant days. :)

I love so many different styles of clothes, but if there is one thing I always migrate towards, it's a very ladylike, kind of vintage look.  So when I saw this black sweater with the pearl peter pan collar, I was in love.  I pictured it with jeans and ballet flats automatically, but I can see it tucked into a full skirt (I have a mint tulle one in my closet that would be perfect!), or paired with wide leg black pants, or even winter white pants.  It can be dressed up or down,  so it's a great versatile piece that is so appealing to me.

Black Sweater with Peal Peter Pan Collar- Groop Dealz
Skinny Jeans- Jordache from WalMart
Black Quilted Ballet Flats- Aerosoles (so comfortable!)

I am all about neutrals, but I love a good pop of color every here and there.  I wore this out running errands, and couldn't have been more comfortable.  I knew when I bought this gray and white striped dress at the beginning of the summer, that it would be a great building black for lots of outfits all year round, and I was so right.  I can barely keep it out of the dirty clothes to wear it as much as I want to!

Also, I am OBSESSED with my red tassel necklace, a GREAT find I got from a charity fundraiser I was a part of , benefitting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta a few weeks ago.  Amanda Macy Hall is an Atlanta based jewelry designer, and she specializes in natural stones and hand made tassel jewelry that is so unique, simple, beautiful, and definitely affordable!!  I loved the color in this one and have really grabbed it to wear even more than I expected I would.  Like I said above, I love wearing neutrals with a pop of color, and that's exactly what that necklace provides.

The Sallie Necklace from Amanda Macy Hall's Etsy Shop

Not only does she make beautiful jewelry, but she's so super nice, and through December 15th, she's donating 15% of all her sales to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  So check out her etsy shop and her beautiful creations.  I may have ordered another necklace for myself for the holidays, and already done some holiday shopping with her! :)

Gray Cowl- Etsy
Black Cardigan- Target
Gray and White Striped Dress- Target
Fuchsia Tights- Target
Red Sallie Necklace- Amanda Macy Hall on Etsy 
Black Buckle Ankle Booties- Old Navy 

I am DYING over this black PIKO tunic.  It' a piece I have been reaching for over and over and over and over (the theme of this post is versatile pieces, evidently!), with it's generous fit and forgiving cut.  PLUS, it's made from bamboo and is so, so soft.  It's a great basic piece for building fun outfits around.  I wore this for my mom's birthday, when we took the kids to see Santa (disaster), and to The Varsity for lunch.

Black PIKO Tunic-
Gray, Turquoise and Lime Necklace- Groop Dealz
Skinny Jeans- Old Navy
Brown Ankle Booties- Target

And lastly, I wore this yesterday when I had to run to Walmart and the post office, despite the terribly yucky weather and the fact that I didn't want to do anything other than curl up in front of the fire with the kiddos.  As I've said before, I will avoid having to wear a coat a lot of the time.  So I loaded up with layers, and was perfectly warm.  And let me just say one thing.  Fleece lined leggings are straight from God.  They are probably only second to the wheel as far as the best inventions of all time.  I'm going to have to buy them in every color, I'm afraid, and at leat 2 more pairs of black ones.  I might not wear any other pants the rest of the winter.

Gray Toggle Cardigan- Shade Clothing
Mustard Tunic- Sassy Steals (can you tell I do all my clothing shopping online now?!)
Aztec Infinity Scarf- Charleston Straw Market
Black Fleece Lined Leggings- Groop Dealz
Brown Lace Up Boots- Charlotte Russe

I will be linking up with The Pleated Poppy and Get Your Pretty On today, so click over and take a look at some awesome fashion inspiration!

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  1. Your outfit with the pink tights is so, so much fun! I love it a ridiculous amount :)

  2. oh my gosh you're the cutest thing in the world, amanda! it makes me so happy to hear you're enjoying your necklace!
    have a wonderful thanksgiving with your precious family!



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