Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oh, I am Exhasted

At least someone's getting some sleep around here

Before I started writing my blog, I was (am) an avid blog reader.  When I was working, the first thing I would do when I would get to work in the mornings would be to check my email, and then read the daily posts from all my favorite blogs.  And those days that I would check it and there was no new post, I'd be so disappointed!

So, when I decided to start my blog, I wanted to post everyday.  Even if it's just a quick picture, or quote, or blurb of random thougt, it would be something.  I'm not writing literary masterpieces here everyday, and I just wanted something new to offer each day.

But lately, as my Goat & Lulu business has been taking up all  more and more of my time, the kids are much more active and more demanding of me, and life has just been asking more of me, I have been slacking on the blog posts!  I typically all my posts to go live at 5 am, but in the past few weeks, I have been going to bed only a few hours before that on most nights, and sometimes with no post written yet.

So, I'd ask for you to just be patient with me in these next few weeks!  I am exhausted and trying to attend to each of my mommy/wife/business owner/room mom/daughter/sister/friend responsibilities, and trying to do my best, but I feel that I have so many balls in the air right now, as I have talked about before, and I am just trying to keep the most important ones up, and letting a few of the others fall when I can.

My goal is still to have posts every day, but I'm going to try to take the pressure off myself.  They may be a little late.  They may lack substance (again, not that the things I write about for the most part are heavy topics anyway).  But I still like to write everyday so that I keep the momentum going and I keep writing.  I keep staying in touch, and so I keep the interest of you, my readers.

Thank you so much and I truly appreciate you and the fact that you read my blog and that you keep coming back, all your sweet comments, emails and communication that I receive from you on a daily basis.  Blogging is so much more than just writing about my boring life, it's really about building relationships, finding common threads, and about sharing.  Thank you and I truly appreciate your support!!!


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