Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

My completely adorable and totally delicious Snowman cookie from Starbucks

We all have them.  Before we're married, they're our "super secret single behaviors,"  and now, it's what I grab and eat in the pantry so I don't have to share.  What are your guilty pleasures?  I thought I would share a few of mine today.

No surprise here, especially if you follow me on Instagram.  If I'm even near a Starbucks, you better believe I'm driving through it.  And during the holidays, I am especially fond of that cute little snowman cookie-friend shown above, or cranberry bliss bars.  YUM.

Sex & the City Reruns
When Grayson and Bennett were teeny tiny babies and I was still getting up in the middle of the night with them, I would DVR SATC reruns to watch at night.  Now, I don't think there's one I haven't seen, and I will still watch them, and especially love the marathons on the style network.  That show never gets old.  And reminds me of having a newborn. :)

I can hardly buy a bag of these deliciously onion-flavored snacks of joy because I will eat the WHOLE THING.  In one sitting.  So I save them for road trips, and no, I don't share.

Drug Store Lipstick 
Back in college when I worked at the Lancome counter, I had such nice, fancy makeup, since it was all practically free.  Nowadays, I'm not frequenting the department store makeup counters like I once was, but instead walking the aisles of my local Target and Walgreens, testing lipglosses on the back of my hand. :)   I am a sucker for a new lipstick, and love it when I allow myself the $6 splurge to get a new shade. :) 

Curious George Gummies
Funny (sad?) that most of my guilty pleasures are food and drink related!  But, I seriously love the cheap 10 for $10 Curious George/Sharks/Snoopy Fruit Snacks that we get the kids at the store.  I will steal two bags and have a nice sweet snack when the kids aren't looking.

Playing Hair Salon
Brantley especially loves to play "Hair Salon."  I have to sit or lay down in front of her, and she asks if I want my hair long or short, and she'll brush my hair, massage my head, etc.  And it's FANTASTIC.  When they want me to play with them, I am always suggesting that we play hair salon, just so I can get a break and sit down and get my hair brushed and a little massage!  They think it's so much fun to "do my hair," and I get a little stress reliever in the process!  Win-win!

US Weekly and People Magazines
I hardly ever get a chance to read magazines anymore, but when I do, I want some trash.  Of course, I know so little about what's going on outside Daniel Tiger and Dora right now, so I don't even know half the celebrities in the magazines, but it's such a escape from reality, and a welcome break!

So join in the fun.  What are your guilty pleasures?   

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