Monday, November 18, 2013

Currently Again

What our grocery trips look like lately :)
Just a bit of a catch up on what's currently going on around here...

Loving-  Hulu.  There for a while I was pretty hooked on Spotify and listening to my favorite playlists while I would sew every night.  But I got kind of tired of listening to the same things over and over, so I started watching all the tv shows that I was missing on  Now I am addicted!  I don't really watch as much as I just listen and glance over to my computer every so often, but I have watched some really great tv that I would've otherwise missed!  My faves right now are The Tudors, Scandal, New Girl, The Mindy Project, and I love watching Jimmy Fallon reruns.  He is HILARIOUS!

Reading-  I'm not reading it currently, and I'm a little behind the curve, but I finished the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy a few weeks ago.  And WOW.  Umm...let's just say I looked at my clock one night while I was reading it, and it was 4:30 in the morning!!!  I could. not. put. it. down.  Are the books literary masterpieces?  No.  But who cares.  I was totally caught up in the relationship of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey and now I am counting down the days until the movie comes out (On Demand, of course :)).  Though, I am not sure how they'll turn the books into movies without them being straight up porn.  They are, well, graphic, to put it mildly.  Nothing you'll want to discuss with your grandma.  But you can definitely use your kindle app and easily read it discreetly on your phone while waiting in the carpool line for preschool pickup.  Not that I would know.

Waiting For- TOOOOOONS more fabric to come in the mail.  I am buying fabric by the bolt right now, and though it really is a lot of fun, my cute little craft nook is being overtaken by red and green!

Excited About- Grayson's and Brantley's Christmas programs at preschool.  They are doing two different programs this year, one for the little kids (one and two year olds) and a different program for three and up.  This is a brilliant idea, since the preschool is pretty big, and draw HUGE crowds for the Christmas program.  Last year, Brantley's performance brought me to tears, and I am convinced I was truly beaming with pride.  This year will be Grayson's first one, and though she will probably stand there and look around and not sing a single word to her little Baptist Christmas songs, I will cry my eyes out with joy and pride that I am her Mommy, and she is my sweet baby girl.  Same with Brantley.  For the second year running. :)

Trying To- Take some time out during the holidays to really savor the time with my kids.  I am under a lot of pressure and a lot of stress right now.  But I am trying my hardest to not get so over-involved that I forget to spend quality time with my children, teaching them about giving and thankfulness, and teaching them what Christmas is about.  I can't lose sight of those most important things about being a mom.

Working On- Thanksgiving orders.  I will be working around the clock from now until Monday to get orders to people in time for Turkey Day.  I'm excited to see pictures from my customers of their kids dressed in their Goat & Lulu this holiday!

Enjoying-  My new phone!  Scott finally got tired of my calls dropping and me complaining about my crappy old phone, so a few weeks ago we headed up to AT&T and I got a Samsung Galaxy.  And I LOVE it!  I wanted an iPhone, of course, like everyone else in the world has, but I actually think I like my Samsung better!  The screen is bigger, which I love since I hardly ever even use it to talk (isn't that so funny that our "phones" are hardly even used as phones anymore??), and am usually answering emails, on instagram or browsing pinterest.  It takes good pictures, it's super fast, and I'm just a big fan.  

Using- My microwave.  Sadly, with the increase of orders, I have not had a lot of time to cook lately.  We survive on those frozen steam packs of vegetables, and leftover chicken that Scott grills on the weekends and we divide up and store to eat throughout the week.  I also make full pots of coffee in the morning, but rarely drink it before the coffeemaker heating element turns off.  So when I want (need) my afternoon caffeine fix, I microwave a mug full.  Not as good as freshly brewed, but I hate to waste coffee!

Wearing- My gray knit cowl.  Like, daily.  It's been really chilly the past few days, and since I really hate wearing coats, I just layer on a shirt, cardigan, and my trusty, snuggly cowl and I'm nice and warm.

Planning- A super special first birthday present for my niece turning one in January!  Can't wait!  :)

Singing- "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream..."  Grayson is on a Sleeping Beauty KICK.  Non-stop, Sleeping Beauty is on repeat at our house.  As soon as it's over, she comes over to me and says, "Boo-ty, again, Mommy, peeeeeeeees??"  She's so sweet, and loves it so much, that I just play it again, bless her heart.  But now that song is on constant repeat in my head!

Needing- About 34 hours in a day instead of 24.  Oh, and a magical potion that I can take so I don't ever have to sleep and never get tired.  That would be great.

Learning- That when I need help, I need to ask for it.  I am not an island.  Asking for help is not admitting weakness.  I am learning that I cannot do everything by myself and that my friends and family who love me truly want to help when and if I need it.  I know I would if the roles were reversed.  I am reallllllllly bad about this.

Listening To - My sweet babies talking to each other and playing together.  They have been playing so well together lately, and building bonds that I am so proud of.  There is just nothing better than hearing them talking to each other and laugh and play on their own.

Doing- Too much.

Wishing- I had an assistant.  Any takers?  I would seriously pay someone for 5-10 hours a week of helping with admin tasks, packaging orders, cutting fabric, and fun, easy things like that.  Sure would be easy Christmas money for someone who lives in the Loganville/Snellville/Grayson/Monroe area!  Just throwing it out there!

Dreaming Of- A vacation!  

What's currently going on in your life???
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  1. Does your local high school have a newspaper? You could put an ad in it for someone to help you. Sounds like the perfect P/T job for a high school or college student.


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