Friday, November 15, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

Hi, friends!  Thanks for joining me on our weekly Friday coffee date!  I'll be linking up with Rags to Stitches, as usual, for some chit-chat over my favorite (and most necessary) beverage.

If we were meeting for coffee today...

...we would probably have to do it via Skype or over the phone.  We are all coming down with that good 'ole fall cold, thanks to the recent dip in temps.  Bennett has been snotty allllllll week, and suffered another febrile seizure early Monday morning. :(  He had it in his crib, probably right after he woke up, before we even knew it.  But he woke us up, and was in hysterics, pretty much inconsolable.  He had the telltale residual tremors, and then downed two eight-ounce bottles of milk.  After an hour, some motrin, rocking, walking, singing, and general snuggling, he had finally calmed down and was back to normal.  This was his sixth seizure, and for the record, they SUCK.  They get easier to handle, since you learn to stay calm, time it, just stay with them and keep them out of danger, but every. single. one. is terrifying.  And though they are terrible to witness, it hurts me even more to know that he had this one (and has had two other ones) by himself in his crib. :(  I know he's safe there, but it breaks my heart that he was alone.  I know he was scared. :( :(  So, here's to no more fevers (he has been fever free for a few days now), and praise the Lord for baby motrin and tylenol (on rotation, every three hours :)).

...I would tell you that I totally wrote most of my blog post for yesterday, then fell asleep while I was writing it on the sofa last night.  When I woke up, about 4 am, I decided just to keep it as a draft instead of try to finish it and I went to bed!  I figured playing blog hooky for one day wasn't going to kill anyone, and I'm pretty sure anything that would've gotten written wouldn't have been worth reading anyway!  

...I would tell you that my lips are SO CHAPPED from this cold snap!  And chapped lips are just about the most annoying thing in the world to me.  I have been slathering on Burts Bees trying to moisturize, but no luck.  They are swollen and tingly and HURT!  Any home remedies or other products I can try???

...I would tell you that cranberry bliss bars might be the death of me.  I am really not a huge sweets person, especially for breakfast.  But my triple venti nonfat latte and a cranberry bliss bar?  That is the breakfast of WINNERS, I say.


...I would tell you that I had another Goat & Lulu photoshoot on Monday!  Rachel McHardy is an Atlanta-based photographer that is new to the area, and she worked with us at the beautiful Pine Lake, near Stone Mountain.  It was SO much fun!!  We didn't photograph any new items, but instead took several of my favorite spring and summer pieces, and styled them to be worn during the colder months!  So think dresses worn as tunic tops over leggings, and even over ruffle pants and with a long sleeve shirt underneath.  I wanted to show the versatility of some of the pieces, and I actually like how somethings looked layered better than on their own!  For instance, in the picture above, Brantley (who is a size 4T) is wearing the reversible tie dress in a size 4T with a longsleeve shirt underneath, with leggings and boots.  Libbi, however, who is also a 4T, is wearing the reversible tie dress in a size 2, and wearing it was a top!  She also has a longsleeve shirt underneath, and my girls single ruffle denim pants.  They both looked SO cute!  I can't wait to share the pictures!

...I would tell you that these sweet baby bangs that I never wanted but got thanks to post-partum hair loss?  Yeah, I hate them.  Also my sweet cowlick I have right on my part, and my sweet sideburns.  Nothing sexier on a woman than a good pair of sideburns.

What would you want to share and discuss?  What are you doing this weekend?  Anything fun?  We were going to go to an outdoor viewing of the Polar Express, but I'm afraid the cold weather and all our colds will keep us indoors.  Womp-waaaaaaaaahmp.  So instead, we're going to stay indoors in our jammies, build a fire, and snuggle.  Sounds good to me.  :)

Have a GREAT weekend, and see you next week!

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  1. Over coffee, I would say...

    ...I am so sorry to hear about Little B. Bless his (and your!) heart. Here's to weekend of full recovery and snuggles.
    ...My lips have been chapped, too. Ugh!
    ...Can't wait to see the newest photos!
    ...I am hoping to reap the pregnancy benefits of a full head of thick locks before shedding them all in approximately one year and sporting the rooster 'do. Ha!
    ...Have a great, warm weekend!

  2. So sorry about the baby seizures. My neighbor's child had them and she would call me for help when I was a little girl. It was frightening. :( Your little ones are so cute. Ditto on the chapped lips. I used Burts Bees and coconut oil. It seemed to work.

  3. Oh yeah, we found you over at the link up at Rags to Stitches. We wanted to invite you over to link up at our blog if you would like. Our link up is here: We will be following you and if you like our blog would love it if you would follow back. Blessings!


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