Tuesday, November 12, 2013

All Things Lovely

Y'all know I love a good deal website.  First thing I do before I even get out of bed in the morning is scan my inbox for those few precious emails that I don't automatically delete...the daily boutique deals that I love so much.  Cardigans for 50% off?  Don't mind if I do.  Need a new phone case?  They're only $4.99!  And the statement necklaces for $9.99??  Don't even get me started.

So, I was so excited when I was approached by All Things Lovely, for Goat & Lulu to participate in their Christmas Shop!  Lots of Christmas decor, clothing, accessories, gift ideas, etc., and all things CHRISTMAS, all in one place.  And discounted to MOVE and get you ready for the holidays!  How could it get any better?!  But alas, my friends, it gets WAY better.

Before I agreed to add any Goat & Lulu deals to the All Things Lovely Christmas Shop, I needed to check out the website first, and make sure it was a site that I was comfortable with, and an online boutique that I knew would represent Goat & Lulu well.  So, I was happy to find that not only is it full of awesome products, lots of handmade items and small businesses, but it is a deal site with a purpose.

All things lovely daily deals

The founders of All Things Lovely struggled to conceive a child of their own.  Through fertility treatments, lots of horrible disappointments and then overwhelming joy, they finally had their first child, after years and years of ups and downs.  They didn't want their journey to be in vain, and wanted to find a way to support other families dealing with the devastating pain of infertility and the long, hard road that some couples have to conceive a child.  So they began All Things Lovely.  A deal site with a conscious.  
All Things Lovely handpicks bloggers, photographers and vendors to create an enjoyable and unique shopping experience.  They have themed weeks (like The Christmas Shop) a Vintage Shop, with one of a kind vintage finds available for purchase, and even an Infertility support page with FAQ's, resources and information for couples that struggle with the same hardships of starting a family that the founders did.  They also feature a couple every month that is struggling with infertility, give options for support and even donations to those couples, with 100% of all money donated going straight to the couple trying to start a family of their own.  All Things Lovely truly creates a community of people going through the same situation,  that can sometimes feel lonely, taboo and unsupported.  
When I read though their bios, and read the history behind the site, I knew that I would be proud to have Goat & Lulu featured on their deal site.  So from now until November 23rd, the Goat & Lulu Reversible Christmas Bunting will be available for only $15 on All Things Lovely (regularly $25!).
There will also be a few other deals from Goat & Lulu in The Christmas Shop on All Things Lovely before the 23rd, so check every morning for new deals, and sign up for their daily email to get the deals directly in your inbox.
So, thank you, All Things Lovely, for allowing Goat & Lulu to be featured on your site, and for supporting couples trying to start and complete their families, and for making their dreams come true.

Read more about our struggle here.
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