Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Hello Friends!  Can I just say that I LOVE getting my haircut??!!  Everytime I get it chopped, it revitalizes me and makes me want to get dressed and put some more effort into how I look.  I still keep doing a double take everytime I look in the mirror since I forget that my hair is short again, and though I love my hair long, I really like it short too.  It's nice to make a change every once in a while. :)

So, onto the outfits I wore this week:

This was the day I got my haircut, like just as soon as I got home!  I read one time that you should dress in one of your favorite outfits when you go get your haircut, so your stylist can get a feel for your style.  I'm not sure that this is a very favorite outfit, but it's a pretty good representative of what I wear 90% of the time.  Tunic, skinnies, scarf, ballet flats.  I like this combination, and though it's a bit more (well, a lot more) spring than fall, I'm loving being in longsleeves all the time now.

Gray Shoulder Studded Tunic- Walmart (I seriously love this shirt and wear it multiple times a week.  Not bag for $9.96! :))
Floral Scarf- Old Navy
Mint Skinny Jeans- Gap
Gray Flats- Oka B

And I couldn't help but show off this handsome little fella in his big boy plaid.  LOVE! :)

One of my must-haves for the fall, my aztec cardigan.  I wear this CONSTANTLY, with dresses, jeans, pants, or just randomly over my pajamas to stay warm.  I've seen it a few more times on Groop Dealz, and in a few other color combinations, but this is still my favorite.  A steal for $25.

Aztec Cardigan- Groop Delaz
Black on Black Striped Tunic- INC from Macys
Black Skinny Pants- Gap
Brown Boots- given to me by a friend (Thanks, Lauren!  Love these! :))
Brown Beaded Necklace- Stella & Dot

Again, I am loving my camo skinny cargos!  Just simple pieces worn with them make them the focus of the outfit, but not too in-your-face.  And this navy tunic is the same as the gray one above, and I may have to get it in a few other colors!

Navy Shoulder Studded Tunic- Walmart
Camo Cargo Skinnies- Walmart
Gray Cowl- Etsy
Gray Ballet Flats- Oka B

You know some days when you don't have much to do, but you just want to get dressed up?  Yep, this was one of those days.  Bennett and I ran to the grocery store, and met Scott and the girls at the park, and that was about it.  But I felt really classic and put together in this super simple outfit, and was a bit of a mood booster!

Chambray Shirt Dress- Old Navy
Leopard Infinity Scarf- Etsy
Taupe Boots- Fergie from Belk

So, Pinterest has this awesome new feature.  When the price of something you have pinned goes down (i.e. it goes on sale), the fine folks at Pinterest will email you and let you know that the price has dropped!  So, I had pinned this beautiful tunic from Anthropologie, a store I used to work at, but haven't shopped in pretty much since then, since almost everything is out of my price range.  It was originally like $98 or something, and dropped to $20!!!  So I snagged it up with another shirt that dropped to $9.95, and I was a happy, happy girl when it came in the mail.  It is a great tunic, but when it gets a little warmer, I think it's long enough that I can wear it as a dress (with one of those cute ruffled skirt-extenders of course; it's not quite long enough to be a dress on it's own)!  The picture definitely doesn't do it justice, but it has a great geometric print, and like most Anthro stuff, feels amazing on.  So pumped about this deal!

Geometric Tunic- Anthropologie
Gray Ruffle Cardigan- Groop Dealz
Emerald Green Skinny Jeans- Walmart
Gray Ballet Flats- Oka B (in heavy rotation this week!)

And last but not least, I knocked around the house in this little combo over the weekend.  I love mixing polka dots and stripes, and liked these two pieces together.  Brantley kept asking me why I had holes in my jeans, so I'm not sure she was quite as into this outfit as I was.  Haha! :)

Navy and Teal Striped Cardigan- Walmart
Navy Polka Dot Tee- Gap
Cropped Boyfriend Jeans- Target
Silver Sequinned Toms

I will be linking up with The Pleated Poppy and Get Your Pretty On like usual for some great fall outfit inspiration.  Check them out!

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  1. Every outfit is just too cute. I didn't know about the Pinterest email thing. Yay!


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