Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On My Phone

I keep my phone with me pretty much every second of everyday so I can always have a handy camera on hand.  So here's a bit of a photo dump, from my phone.

First hot chocolate of the season, with plenty of marshmallows . :)

I'm right in the middle of getting tons of Christmas stuff in the shop!  Miss Brantley is a great model, as long as marshmallows are promised as payment. :)

Play time with Daddy over the weekend.

This little cutie!!

Ben was our official  chicken leg taster :)

Brantley and Uncle Rams at his birthday party!

Hugs and kisses for Bammy!

Brantley and PaDaddy were bonding at the party too. :)

Big boy!
What's going on in your everyday life and what's on your phone?

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