Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween, friends!  Hope your Halloween is full of treats and not so many tricks, is not so scary, and is lots of fun!  We have a REALLY big day with the girls' Harvest Celebration at Preschool, lots of snacks and crafts, and, of course, trick or treating tonight!  

And thanks to my sweet little trio of awesome SUPERHEROES, I will have no need to fear all the ghosts and goblins that come along with Halloween!  I have Batman, Wonder Woman, and Super Girl to protect me!

We were playing in the yard last night (Brantley and Grayson have been wearing their costumes all week!), and Brantley kept yelling (as pictured below with her mouth wide open), "Everyone in the neighborhood!  We will protect you!!!"  OMG...put a costume on that girl, and she sure plays the role!!

Sorry the pictures are all so blurry, it was hard to keep my little superheroes still!

Brantley makes this pose every.single.time. she puts on her costume.  She calls it her "wonder woman pose."  I mean, what else? :)

So, have a wonderful, safe, and fun Halloween, and I hope your kids collect lots and lots of candy for you! :)

Best photo I could get of the three together; Ben was on the move!!! :)

Happy Halloween from Wonder Woman, Super Girl, and Batman!

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  1. Those treats are safe under their watchful eyes. Happy Halloween Luton crew! I hope you have a blast tonight!

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