Friday, October 18, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

Oh, aren't you so glad it's Friday?  Thanks for joining me for our weekly coffee date.  If we were meeting for coffee this morning...

...we would be meeting somewhere other than my house.  Have you ever seen the movie Twister?  Yeah.  That.  My living room could have been the tornado aftermath in that movie.  I hate it when my house is this messy, but I plan to work on it this weekend.  Just like every weekend.  And every day in between.  Ugh.

...I would tell you how pleased I am with Ben's 12 month pictures, taken by the lovely and talented Esther Christian of The EA Photography Studio!  Esther is so sweet, and really captured my little boy perfectly.  Here's a sneak peek of how beautiful they are, and I'll devote an entire post to them next week!

...I would tell you that it is not even Halloween, and I am SUPER BUSY adding Christmas items to the Etsy shop!  I don't even know what the kids are going to be for Halloween, but doggone it, I've got their Christmas pajamas made!   
Find them here!
...I would tell you that Newsies is still one of my favorite movies!  After the kids went to bed last night, I poured myself a (HUGE) glass of wine, opened up my DVR and watched 135 glorious minutes of singing, dancing and Christian Bale.  After a challenging day (to say the least), it was perfect.  And I was seriously tearing up at the end. #nerd  #seizetheday

...I would ask you what fall TV you have been watching.  Because if you are my friend, then you have to watch at least some TV.  I have been watching far too many shows, and love The Blacklist, Hostages, and the new seasons of Homeland, Revenge, Parenthood, Scandal (yes, I watch all these shows, but always while doing something else, like cutting out fabric and/or sewing), Chicago Fire, and Nashville.  But have you seen The Mindy Project?  I started watching it on my computer on hulu while I'm working late at night, and it is seriously hilarious!!!  I always liked Mindy Kaling on The Office just fine, but I love her on her show.  It is is really, really funny.  Definitely worth checking out.

...I'd tell you that I have still not even begun to decorate for fall.  I have a big box downstairs full of all my cute Halloween buntings and pumpkins, etc., but I have just not gotten down there yet.  It was one of my goals to get to this week, but alas.  No good.  Maybe next week.  Or maybe I just wait, skip fall altogether, and just start Christmas early.  Who knows.

...I would ask you what your plans are this weekend.  Anything fun?  I'd love to go to our local pumpkin patch on Sunday, and spend some time out of the house with Scott and the kids.  Do you ever feel like when you're at home you can never sit down and relax because there is allllllllllways something you ought to be doing??  I just cannot sit down for long, because I should be folding the laundry, or cleaning (yeah right), or cutting patterns or something.  So when we get out of the house, there's nothing else I "could" be doing other than exactly what we're doing as a family.  I think I need that break!  To just be and enjoy Scott and the kids.

So, that's about it for this week!  I hope you have enjoyed our coffee date and that you have a great weekend, and see you Monday! :)

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  1. I LOVE NEWSIES! I still regularly pop in the soundtrack and sing at the top of my voice. I love knowing someone else loves it to.


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