Friday, October 4, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

Hi Friends.  Glad you are joining me for our weekly Friday coffee date.  I'm linking up with Rags to Stitches, as usual, so come on in (I even cleaned off the kitchen table for you!), curl up in a chair, and let me pour you a cup.

If we were meeting over coffee this morning...

...I would tell you that my week has been full of ups and downs.  Such is life, though, right?  But this week in particular, I feel like I have been struggling to keep everything in balance.  I have caught myself losing my temper with the kids far too often, brushing them off when I have things I "need" to get done, and getting frustrated in general without being able to pull myself up by my proverbial bootstraps and get a hold back on my emotions.  Maybe you would have some suggestions on what gets you through hard times?  Or what helps you get on the right track when you can't seem to shake yourself out of a funk?

...I would tell you that I am going to be shoulder deep in fabric this weekend as I am beginning to ship out the chevron peasant dresses from my Certifikid deals!  I will be shipping Goat & Lulu all over our great country and am so excited about it.  I am also going to be sewing up the first of the 2013 Christmas Line, and am so excited about some of my new items!!  I have lots of items from 2012 in the shop already, but I have some brand-spanking new ideas and designs that will be appearing in the next few weeks.  Think sibling sets, knits, reversible items, home decor and new appliques!  So excited to share what I've been working on!

...I would tell you that I have pretty much decided that I am no longer allowed to bake cookies in my house.  I made a batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies yesterday (Actually, let me be clear, I broke the dough off the large pre-cut slab of tollhouse cookie dough and put them on the cookie sheet.  Don't wanna misrepresent. :)), and I ate about half the batch all by myself.  I don't want to make that a habit.

...I would tell you that I have been itching to downsize, declutter, and get rid of all the crap that fills up our house.  I want to clean out my closet, like PURGE my closet, and get rid of all the things I don't wear anymore.  I am tired of clutter all around everywhere, and I am DYING to just spend a day going through our junk and getting rid of what we don't need.  Maybe I can carve out some time soon.

...I would ask you if you have big plans for the weekend!  We're gonna be picnic-ing at the park n Saturday, but other than that, we'll be home-bound, which is nice.  Looking forward to relaxing.

Thanks again for joining me for coffee!  Have a GREAT weekend and see you Monday!!

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  1. Happy coffee-drinkin' and TGIF! I would tell you that I hope next week is a better one, that I hope you have a productive G&L weekend, and that I hope y'all enjoy your picnic! Hugs to the kiddos!


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