Monday, October 7, 2013

By the Numbers

6- Loads of Laundry I did yesterday.

4 Million- More to do before all our clothes are clean.

51- Chevron dresses that sold in the Certifikid Goat & Lulu deal (woooooooo-hooooo!!!).

5- How many I thought would actually sell.

4 Million- Hours it will take me to sew all those dresses in the next few weeks.

78- Shopping Days left until Christmas.

125- Items in my etsy shop that would make adorable Christmas gifts. :)

0- Christmas presents I have bought (or even thought of buying yet).

55- Followers that I have on Twitter (lame, I know).

1000- Number of followers you can buy for $8 (Who knew you could even do that??).

1055- Number of followers you'll see me with tomorrow (Haha, just kidding :)).

3- Number of times Grayson watched The Lion King yesterday.

4 Million- How many times we've watched The Lion King in the past year.

2- More Disney Movies I just ordered for the kids. I can recite Tangled, The Lion King, and Sleeping Beauty from memory.  I think we need a few new ones.

4- More days until the weekend!  Is it bad that it's just Monday and I'm already counting down? :)

What are you counting on, on this lovely Monday morning?  Here's to having a wonderful week! 

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