Monday, October 21, 2013

Bennett's One Year Pictures

Last month, our friend, the lovely and talented Esther Christian of The EA Photography Studio came out to the house to take pictures of my big boy right after his first birthday.  Esther also did my first Goat & Lulu photoshoot over the summer (see those photos here!), so I knew we were in good hands.  But, Esther did such an amazing job capturing our sweet baby boy for us, and they are just so perfect.  You can tell what a curious, happy (except for a few priceless shots of him throwing fits :)), active little boy he is.  And precious.  Oh, just so precious.  So of course, I have to share some of my favorites.  And yeah, I have a lot of favorites. :) :)
BIG smile! :)

Ben and Mama :)

Love his sweet face in this one :)

My favorite :) :)

Love his happy face!!!

This one may be my favorite of just him :)

My beautiful boy :)

He loved his wagon, but he was ready to get out :)

My sweet boy sucks his thumb when he's tired :)

Just doing a little yardwork :)

Swinging on his airplane :)

Mama was coming to get him!!

Big boy :)

I love these two pictures of Ben with Monk looking over his shoulder 

Monkey was hoping for a snack :)

A boy and his sippy cup :)

See...just a little fit :)

Big sis and Monk

Chillin' with Gracie

Brantley loved pulling Ben around in the wagon 

Hey Handsome :)

This picture makes me crack up.  Brantley's like, "where's he going??"

My three babies. :) :) And all smiling!

Happy Boy!

I DIE over this picture!!!!  Ben is seriously killing me. :)

Love the sweet girls in this pic :)

And they sure love their brother :) :)

Sweet girl :)

And of course, Monkey, our creative director :)
A HUGE thank you to Esther, who did such a wonderful job with my sweet babies.  I love that we have these beautiful pictures to stop time momentarily, and just admire their sweet innocence and remember them just like this.  Sweet, sweet babies.  Thanks again, Esther!

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  1. Awwww! That look GREAT! Esther did a fantastic job. I'm sure it's going to be so hard for you to choose which ones to print and frame! So precious.


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