Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello beautiful North Georgia mountains!  We are having breakfast on the deck this morning, and fall is really here in Blue Ridge.  We have had a wonderful weekend with my parents and are sad to go home!

Hello lots and lots of orders to ship out and more to sew!  Hooray!  And thank you!!

Hello more fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Goat & Lulu ideas than I can even begin to sew!  I added one fall dress to the shop last week (see it here!), and have a few more items to post before the real fun begins...Christmas!  Matching Christmas jammies are going to be hitting the shop in the next few weeks, then tons more Christmas merchandise!  So excited to share all the new items!

Hello lots and lots of laundry to do.  I really think half my clothes are in the laundry room awaiting washing.  I'm a bit behind you might say.

Hello meal planning.  I need to get back on that horse and start planning our dinners better so we can avoid all those short, midweek grocery store runs that cost us too much money.  I got out of the habit a few months and just need to start it up again.

Hello meeting good friends for ice cream. :)

Hello gorgeous North Georgia apples!  we picked them over the weekend with my family, and we brought home TONS.  But they are the best apples I have ever had; so fresh and crispy, sweet and juicy.  And the girls are making themselves sick they have eaten so many!

Hello positive attitude, positive thinking, and positive start to the week.  I am thankful for a fresh start, a new week, and new, exciting things to come.  Let's get going!

What are you saying hello to this Monday??  Hope you have a great start to your week! :)

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