Thursday, September 26, 2013

Entry Way Redo

I kinda have a thing for rearranging furniture, and reworking spaces in my home.  I get bored with certain niches, or have never felt like they actually worked, so I get restless and want to switch it up.  I have done it for years; even in middle school and high school, I would rearrange my bedroom when I wanted to try something new.  It's much more fun now that I have more than a bed, nightstand, and dresser to move around!

My entry way has needed a little bit of jazzing up.  I had a plain mirror hanging up, and that is just not interesting enough for me.  That poor little mirror looked so lonely on the wall, so I decided to switch it up.

I framed the silhouettes I had made back in May (from Les Enfants by La Belle Fete), and hung our Luton bunting (from Lisa Leonard Designs).  I created the "Hey Y'all!" print myself, inspired by another print I saw on pinterest), and bought the South print from Sweet Tea and Sparkles on Etsy.  I also picked up the beige and white rug from WalMart for a steal.  It's amazing how much a difference a rug can make!

I made each of the pillows except for the embroidered beagle one, and they sit on a small brown wicker bench that my parents gave us.

I moved the plain old mirror off the wall, and hung up a different antique one that I have moved all around the house, never completely loving where I put it.  It definitely adds more character, and a rustic look that I love.

I had never like the little storage cube that Scott brought home a few years ago, but I really love it after I recovered it in an orange and white polka dot ikat print!  I just took my yard of fabric, wrapped it around the cube, stapled it with a staple gun to secure, and cut off the excess fabric.  Now I LOVE it!  But I do think that instead of the stool there, a little round table would be perfect.  But until the perfect little table strikes my fancy, this is my new entryway!  Or at least until the mood strikes again. :)
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