Friday, September 13, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

Happy Friday Friends!  I am linking up with Alyssa from Rags to Stitches again for Coffee Date Friday.  

If we were meeting at Starbucks for coffee this morning...

...I would be back to my old standby, a venti nonfat latte with an extra shot.  I loooooove Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but I have to space them out during the fall or I get burnt out.  Already had my first one of the season and it was deeeeelicious.  What would you be drinking?

...I would tell you how excited I am over all the things going on with Goat & Lulu right now!  Between the giveaway on the Des Moines Moms Blog, working my first craft show, and then working with the store to bring Goat & Lulu into their shop, the Certifikid deal, and a few more features on other blogs coming up, I am exstatic over everything happening.  I would be lying, though, if I said it wasn't a smidge overwhelming.  Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying every minute of it; the creative side, the business side, the social side, but it takes A LOT of work and A LOOOOOT of time.  And I only get 24 hours in a day like everyone else, and it's a struggle to get it all done.  But I'll be looking to add on some help in the next few weeks (since I'm pretty certain things won't be slowing down for the holidays, or at least I really hope not!), so maybe that will alleviate some of the stress.

...I would tell you that I am in complete denial that my baby boy is turning ONE in less than a WEEK!!!  I looked at him the other day, walking across the kitchen with those sweet wobbly steps with his sweet, chubby baby feet, and I burst out crying.  Cliche, I know, I know, but when did all of this happen?  And his "Little Man" party is set and planned for next Saturday, but I have seriously barely done a single thing for it.  We'll be out of town this weekend, but I'm planning on bringing all the printables and crafting supplies with me to knock out a bunch of the decor I have been putting off and putting off.  Let's hope I can pull it all together in a week!  Worst case, we'll have friends and family there, and we'll be celebrating my precious boy.  Oh, and cake.  We'll have cake.

...I would tell you that if you have never watched The Mindy Project on Fox, that you need to watch it.  It is HILARIOUS!  Mindy Kaling was Kelly on The Office, and got her own show, and seriously, she is so smart and so, so funny.  I have been watching it on hulu on my computer late at night when I'm sewing in my eerily quiet craft room, and I have laughed out loud so many times.  What are your favorite shows?  All I know is that I'm going to be in big trouble when all the fall shows start back in a few weeks, because I watch waaaaay too much tv, and our DVR is going to explode with all the shows I'll be recording (My favorites?  Homeland, Parenthood, Revenge, Chicago Fire, Nashville, just to name a few :)).

...I would tell you that we caved and bought a little tv/dvd player for the girls room.  When we first put them in their shared bedroom over a year ago, they would play for a while and then go to bed nicely.  Fast forward to recently, and Brantley has been crying every night that she doesn't want to go to bed.  Need some milk.  Gracie pooped.  We need a different book.  Gracie won't sleep with me.  Gracie won't get off me.  My tummy hurts.  My eye hurts.  Bedtime lately has just been a struggle.  So Scott surprised the girls yesterday with the Lion King running in their room when they got home from school.  Of course, they hardly came out of their room the rest of the day. :)  Let's hope that if we have a movie playing at bedtime, the girls won't dread it, they'll settle into their beds, and will go down easier!

...I'd be so happy to see you and spend my Friday morning with you.  I'd stay with you just as long as I could, until Ben started getting wiggly and cranky, as it gets close to his naptime.  I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend doing whatever makes you happy!

What would you share over coffee this morning?

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  1. And I would share with you that I cannot believe that sweet B is turning one!!! Pure craziness, I tell ya! And also that I'm excited for you and all that is happening with G&L! Just awesome!

  2. I love the mug that your coffee is in! It's just darling!

    Also, I keep meaning to watch The Mindy Project...I should have caught up on the past season this summer, but didn't!


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