Monday, September 23, 2013

Ben's First Cupcake

We have a little tradition that on each of my babies first birthdays, they have each gotten a cupcake to celebrate with, and then a yummy smash cake at their first birthday party.  So, this past Thursday on Ben's first birthday, that's just what we did. :)

He has the most expressive little face, and the progression of photos while eating his cupcake (which was SO cute, and looked like a little hamburger!  From Sugar Kneads Bakery in Loganville) were just hilarious to me. 

He was NOT sharing! :)

"Okay, Mommy, maybe you can have one bite."

"Wait, nope, I don't think so."

" actually thought you were getting a bite?"

"Mommy, you are so silly."

"I mean, really silly!"

"Hey!  Brantley!  Gracie!  Did you hear?  Mommy thought she was getting a bite!"

"Yep, Mommy, here's your bite right here.  Nomnomnomnom"

"That was one good cupcake."

"Let me get every last crumb from my fingers."

"Did you say there's another cupcake down here, Mommy??"

"Oh, you got me!!  Good one, Mommy!"

Love, love, LOVE my sweet boy.  I think he enjoyed his birthday cupcake. :) :)

Come back tomorrow to check out all the photos from Ben's Little Man Birthday Party!

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