Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bennett's Little Man Birthday Party

Before Bennett was even born, I decided that I wanted a Little Man theme for his first birthday party.  I am a BIG birthday person, especially FIRST birthday person.  I got started on his party a little late since we've been really busy lately, but I think we pulled together a pretty sweet little party, full of lots of cute details, good food, and fun.  And of course, I thought I would share our day with you!

I made the invitations and printables for the girls Fairy Garden Tea Party in May, but I just did not have the time to create everything myself for Ben's party.  Luckily, Etsy was full of lots of good options for his Little Man party, and I loved these from Pretty Lil Printables on Etsy!  Andrea was so nice and worked with me to create just what I wanted and some other custom signs.

I also really wanted a chalkboard First Birthday "stats" sign, but just didn't have the time to make it myself.  So I asked Amy, a good friend of mine who just happens to also have an Etsy shop, One Good Name, full of lots of cute printables, vinyl decals and other goodies, to make one for me.  I LOOOOOVED the way it turned out, and I thought it was a cute way to show Ben's favorite things, what he's up to and how big he is!  

Since it was a Little MAN party, guests were asked to choose a mustache to wear at the party!

At the dining room entrance, where all the food was, I draped a bunting in fabrics matching all the party colors of navy, aqua, green, and red.  I also added a mustache garland that I made with my silhouette.

I had my buffet set up as the drink table, with water and lemonade to "wet your whiskers!" :)

I stuck mustache stickers on clear plastic cups, and, of course, added some cute striped straws.  

And we had a very strict dress code for the party, bowtie hairbows for the ladies, and pin-on bowties for the gentlemen!

I made all the bowtie pins and hairclips in the same fabric as the bunting in the party colors.  You can also find the bowtie hairbows in the Etsy shop! :) Shameless plug, I know. :)

Fireplace banner was part of my printable package from Pretty Lil Printables.  I printed everything out on my home printer, which was really, really easy.

Funny, I did not remember the kids having mustaches when I took this picture... :)

I also made a little bowtie garland with my silhouette and draped it over my DIY canvases.  I had full intentions of sticking mustaches onto those sweet pictures too, but I was too afraid I wouldn't be able to get the mustaches off, I didn't want to have to remake the canvases!  So, garland it was. :)

As a special little gift for my Ben, I asked all of our guests to fill out a birthday wish card for Ben, for me to put in his baby book.  Whenever I end up getting to that. :)

I felt fine about sticking the mustaches onto picture frame glass! 

The big boy's highchair and smash cake!  I may be a decent cook, but I do not claim to be a gourmet baker.  I just don't think I have the patience for baking.  But, I can rock a boxed cake mix, and Bennett was pretty satisfied with Betty Crocker! :)

And on to the food!  I wanted more masculine food, instead of girly party food.  I thought of grilling mini sliders, but instead, we just picked up a few bagfulls of delicious Krystal mini hamburgers (or "man-burgers"), and all the work was done for us!

The man of the party, my little Ben!  With my awesome Uncle George.

And the food table in it's entirety!  

We had a relish try with pimiento cheese dip and pretzel "cigars..."

...and of course real men eat cupcakes, so we had plenty of them. :)

I made a Greek Bowtie Pasta Salad as a side.

We had Fruit Stache Kabobs, Little Man Fried Chicken (chicken fingers), chips, lollipops, and chocolate mustache lollies too.

Now onto pictures from the party!  Bammy and Ben were having fun!

Daddy dressing up!

Uncle Ramsey dressed up in his bowtie too. :)

Ben was really into the food!

Nom nom nom nom nom

Sharing lunch with Daddy. :)  And P.S.- I think Ben's little shoes were my favorite part of his outfit! 

Oooooh....full, mama! 

Cousin Chandler sporting the stache!

One of my favorite parts of the party was the Rootbeer Float bar!

I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream to jelly-size mason jars, and put them on ice.  Each guests chose a jar, and added their rootbeer, whipped cream and cherries on top.  They were delicious, and just the right size little treat!

Little Matt had a big time! :)

Cake time!

We had a pretty good feeling that Ben was going to dive right into his cake.

But Brantley gave him a chocolate mustache lolly right before his cake, and he insisted on finishing it before he really got into the cake!

Almost done!

Now it's cake time!

And then he used his number one as a phone.  Cute little buddy. :)

The he tried to eat it!

He shared with mommy...

...and with Daddy too!

Took a lot of wipes to get this boy clean!  I may or may not have scraped a little bit of chocolate out of his ear today... :)

Chatting with Daddy :)

Outfit change and present time!

The boy will finally have some trucks and cars to play with!

And of course the thing that he loved the most was a little balloon attached to one of his gifts!

He loved playing in his new teepee from Mommy and Daddy!

Also in his new airplace swing from Bammy and PaDaddy (that my Dad built!!).

And though the workbench and tools were for Ben, Brantley and Grayson thoroughly enjoyed "building a house" with the toolbench made by Uncle Ramsey!

Gracie really got into the bowtie theme. :)

And on their way out, each little guest got a cute little favor!

The girls got a triple bow t shirt in their personalized size, and the boys got a mustache and bowtie t shirt in their personalized size, and they each got a blue swirl bowtie lolly.  And these shirts may be debuting in the Etsy shop soon! :)

Thanks for "combing" to my party!  Love these cute tags!

All in all, the party was a big success, Ben took a good long nap afterwards and then went to bed early!  It was so great to celebrate my sweet baby boy's first birthday and the entire first year of his life, and our first year as parents of three!

Thank goodness we have a while until our next family birthday party we have to throw, but I may or may not already be coming up with some fun ideas for next year!

Happy, Happy Birthday, my Little Man, Bennett!!!

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  1. Wow you did such a great job. That's the cutest party I've ever seen. Can you throw me a birthday party? Ha!

    1. Haha! Thank you so much! :) We had a big time. :)

  2. cutest party EVER!!!!! everything from the favors to the decor is just perfect. and these pictures are PRICELESS!! so sad we had to miss it :(
    looks like bennett had a blast! love all these pictures. and so happy the chalkboard sign worked out for y'all! :)

    1. Thanks, Amy!! And your chalkboard sign was a HUGE HIT! I'm sure you'll be getting some calls/emails about it! :)

  3. This is seriously the most amazing party ever! Some seriously incredible ideas, like the ice cream - genius! I'm giddy over the whole thing! And that aeroplane swing?! WOW!!

    1. Thank you so much, Beth!! Yes, my brother and Dad are very talented amateur woodworkers, and we TOTALLY reap the benefits! :)

  4. WOW! That's an amazing party! You must have put a ton of work into that. Good job!

  5. I love love ur sons party I cant wait to give my son his first bday party

  6. Super cute! Thanks for sharing your great ideas and personal photos! You can tell that’s one happy, loved baby boy!


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