Thursday, September 5, 2013

11 Months

Who's almost one?

THIS kid!!!

Oh, my sweet, sweet baby boy.  The time is flying just as quickly as everyone told me it would.  As of today, we are 2 weeks out from my Ben's first birthday.  Just typing that seriously blows me away.  And freaks me out since I have only ordered straws and sent out the invitations for his party!  But this has been a big month for my big boy!

Umm...WALKING!  My buddy has been standing for forever, but this kid is up and walking all over now.  He still primarily crawls to get him self around (quickly...dude, this boy is fast!), but he is walking more often, and more and more steps at a time.  Brantley and Grayson particularly like it when he walks to them, and they all erupt in giggles and screams and squeals.  "Good job, Ben!  Good job, Buddy!"  It is awesome.

But not only is the boy walking, but he says "mama" regularly, and my very favorite, says "bye-bye" and waves!  Oh, those sweet first words are just the best, and he has started and jabbering like he is telling me alllll about something.  Oh, I cannot wait to know everything he is thinking and saying, and to hear the hilarious things that are sure to come out of his mouth.  But I don't dare want to wish any time away with my boy.  My last baby.

He sporting another new tooth, for a current count of four.  Which is four more than Grayson had at this age (she didn't get ANY teeth until 14 MONTHS!), and 2 more than Brantley, who only got her first two teeth 2 weeks before she turned one.  When he smiles really big you can see his top two teeth, and it is KILLING me, it is the cutest smile ever.  The kid keeps growing, and is 23 1/2 pounds.  He eats like it's his job, and usually eats more than both his big sisters.  Combined.  Brantley weighed 19 pounds at one, and Grayson weighed 21, so he has both his sisters beat, one month ahead of schedule.

My buddy caught a little virus this month, but luckily, we avoided seizures.  Probably because I was doping him up with motrin and tylenol every three hours on the hour for days.  It certainly helped; he was a bit cranky, but it never disrupted his sleep, and he seemed pretty happy overall.  I did carry him on my hip for the better part of 4 days straight, but at least he was happy. :)

I am so proud of my Ben, and am excited to celebrate his first birthday in 2 weeks.  My sweet surprise, my blessing, my baby boy.  He is my darling, inquisitive, active, happy baby boy.

We love you SO MUCH, Ben!  And can't wait to celebrate this past year with you.  You're our sweet boy!

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  1. Almost 1! He's so cute, he looks so different from the girls with that blonde hair and blue eyes! And I'm pretty sure he weighs more then my 18 month old, haha!


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