Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Hello Friends!  We have had our ups and downs this week.  Busy, busy busy with orders and trying to sneak in some end-of-summer fun, but sidelined with a yucky tummy bug that has passed through all of us.  Poor Gracie and Ben are still struggling a bit, but hopefully it'll pass soon!  And LORD, I thought we went through a lot of diapers and wipes during a normal week, but seriously.  We have burned through one of those triple packs of wipes and TONS of diapers.  I have seen more poop this week than I care to.  
Anyway, despite being house-bound for the most part this week, I got up and got dressed most days!  Thursday and Friday were the worst, sickness-wise, but other than that I got up and put on something other than yoga pants and jammies.  I consider that a pretty good accomplishment!  For me at least! :)
So, onto the outfits. :)

Laid back and casual for storytime at the library, Chick Fil A for a lunch playdate, and just mommy-ing around the house.  I love this sheer chevron top, and since our summer has actually been pretty mild this year for Georgia, I have been able to wear lightweight longsleeves with shorts.  LOVE that.

Sheer Coral Chevron Top- Groop Dealz
White Tank-Target
White Shorts- Target
Nude Sandals- Gap Outlet

I HAD to run to the fabric store on Saturday, and so I threw this maxi on for my only trip out of the house over the weekend.  At least it wasn't jammies.  I love this maxi dress, that I bought last summer when I was pregnant with Bennett, but I was missing the cute belt that goes with it, my hair was a mess, and I had to do my makeup in the car.  Not my best day, but it wasn't jammies!  

Gracie loves when I do these pictures, and I'll set my camera up, and she runs and stands against the wall, and smiles, and waits for the camera to snap!  It's too cute, and I needed to grab her up and get a quick pic with her. :)

This turquoise necklace is a little different for me, but for $3 on etsy, I couldn't resist!  

Striped Maxi Dress- Belk
Turquoise Triangle Necklace- Etsy 
Gold Monogram Necklace (I wear this almost every day)- Very Jane

You know those kind of days when you really don't have much to do, but you just want to dress up a bit?  Yeah, that was this day.  I just ran an errand while my mom was here helping with the kiddos (THANK YOU, BAMMY!), but I just didn't feel like a t shirt and shorts.  Plus, I needed to wear some cuuuute shoes!

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen the shot of the cutest shoes ever!  Joyfolie was having a sale, and I grabbed a pair for me and matching pairs for the girls for RIDICULOUS sale prices.  

I die.  They are my faves.  The best part?  Each pair comes with a matching hair clip.  Even my pair!  These totally made my day and I cannot wait to wear them with my sweet girls.  #Matchingismyfavorite :)

Black Shirt Dress- French Connection 
Black Braided Belt- Target
Turquoise Peep Toe Flower Toe Ankle Strap Ballet Flats (what a mouthful!)- Joyfolie 

While my mom was here, Scott and I took advantage of the opportunity to go on a Date Night!  Since these pretty much never happen anymore, we jumped on the chance.  We went and had pho, Vietnamese noodle soup, at our favorite local place, Pho 168.  It is always empty when we go, but we cannot figure it out, because it is SO GOOD!  It reminds us of our early married, pre-kids days, when we would go eat pho at a very authentic Vietnamese place off Buford Highway in Atlanta.  Trying to eat pho with kids is pretty much impossible, since they are boiling hot huge bowls of broth, noodles, and vegetables, and Ben loves "trying" everything off everyone's plate (aka-grabbing any and everything his chunky little arms and hands can reach :)).  Anyway, we had a great time.  And ate until we were stuffed.

Poor J.Crew, and their beautiful necklace designs that are just getting ripped off left and right!  Wait, I don't feel so bad.  Haha!  $7 for a $128 necklace?  Yeah.  Thanks Groop Dealz.  And speaking of deals on necklaces, my BGB initial necklace was on Very Jane last week, but sold out super fast.  But I emailed the vendor, Brin and Bell on etsy, told her that I loved the necklace and had been wanting one just like it for so long, and wondered if she would honor the discounted Very Jane price, and she did!  So I got it for $12.99 versus the regular price of $22.50!  And I had seen this upwards of $38, so I was pretty pumped about my bargain!!!  So I am layering it with pretty much everything, everyday, and especially love it with my monogram necklace.  So here's to awesome and cooperative etsy sellers!! :)  Thanks, Brin and Bell!

Aqua Chevron Maxi Dress- Mikarose via a giveaway at Total Tippins Takeover
Beaded Rose Necklace- Groop Dealz
Initial Necklace- Brin and Bell on Etsy 

And finally, for a day of sewing and more errand running, I wore my go-to casual outfit, longsleeve top and shorts.  I grabbed this top up for $9 (I didn't realize how many good deals I have gotten lately!) just because I love stripes, and knew I could wear it now, and obviously when it got a little cooler.  And well, the shoes.

So, Joyfolie seriously killed me with their sale, and I had to have these for me too(just because they are so damn cute) and for my big girl starting Pre-K in a few weeks.  She is gonna knock 'em dead.  And she'll have awesome shoes while she does it. :) :) 

Red Striped Longsleeve T- Walmart
Turquoise Shorts- Walmart
Navy Striped Shoes with Rosettes- Joyfolie

Thanks for joining me again this week!!  I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy, Suburbs Mama and Get Your Pretty On.  Pop over and check out some awesome outfit inspiration!

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  1. Amanda!!! You are gorgeous! I love both of those maxis SO much! You have great taste!

    1. Oh, I love you! Thank you so much!! :)

  2. Mama, you look absolutely gorgeous!!!! love it!

  3. the top outfit is my fave (I'm a sucker for whitE) but all the stripes are perfection too!


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