Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Kids Back to School Edition

Hello Friends!  Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday, where I try to keep myself accountable for how I look, out of pajamas and into real clothes!  I wanted to switch it up a bit, today, though, in honor of my two big girls starting back to school yesterday!

I have been documenting my weekly outfits for a few months now, and the kids have been wanting to "get involved" from pretty early on.  They are constantly photobombing me...

What up, Ben.

Brantley was in the middle of a wardrobe change :)

Right after naptime...
Gracie really loves taking pics with mama :)

...or just straight up asking me to take their picture and striking a fierce pose!


Get it, girl!

So when I asked these silly girls if they wanted to have their picture take like mommy does, they jumped on it!  And with this being their first week of school, they have been excited about wearing some of their new school clothes anyway.  So I have a few outfits that I wore this week to share, but I also have a few cute photos of my sweet girls and their outfits!

This is what these crazy girls of mine wore to their preschool open house.  It is no secret that I love to put my girls (and Ben too, sometimes :)) in matching outfits.  These adorable outfits are made by Jelly the Pug, an adorable line of really cute, colorful and girly clothes.  The thing I love about Jelly the Pug is that they often have several different styles of outfits made with the same fabric collection, so you don't have to match your kids exactly, but can instead buy two different outfits, but the fabrics are the same so they coordinate.  I LOVE that idea even more than matching the girls exactly the same!  So, in this case, I got a ruffle top and capri set for Brantley, and a sweet ruffle dress for Grayson.  

These girls LOVE to dance, and were getting pumped up for open house while we were taking pictures. :)

Both Brantley and Grayson's Outfits- Jelly the Pug via Zulily (they are on Zulily all the time, and I pick up a new set for the girls everytime because the prices are incredible for the quality and the cute factor!)
Both Brantley and Grayson's Jellies- Walmart!

And this is what I wore to Open House for the girls.  Which actually turned into a huge mess, since Open House started at 7:00, and Ben's bedtime is 7:00.  Scott had a work event that night, so I had to take all three kids with me, and Bennett pretty much screamed through 45 minutes of Open House (which seemed like 4 hours).  Poor guy.

And love this necklace that I got on Etsy, though I haven't worn it very often.  And actually, it broke at Open House, as it was subbing in for a teething toy for poor cranky Bennett. :(

Linen Floral Tunic- Macys
Skinny Jeans- Walmart
Coral Wedges- Target
Statement Necklace- Etsy 


This is my Gracie girl on her first day of preschool!!!  She was not much in the mood for taking pictures yesterday morning, but I got a couple of sweet shots out of her. :)  And of course, I wanted them to sport some Goat & Lulu on their first day.  I'm sure the day will come that they won't want to wear the clothes mommy makes, but we're not there yet, and hopefully not for a long time!  She sure was a doll. :) :)

And big sister, in true Brantley fashion, was happy to be photographed on her first day of PRE-K!!!  She also donned some Goat & Lulu, and when I showed her the dress I thought she should wear on her first day, she happily exclaimed, "Oh Mommy, that one is my FAAAAAAAAVORITE!"  That's my girl. :) :) 

And can we please talk about the most precious boots ever for one minute??  I had actually already bought a pair of brown boots for Brantley already this fall (I kicked myself over and over last year after I missed out on the cutest pair of Gap boots, so I scooped them up early this year), but when I saw these on Zulily (they are on fire this fall with awesome deals!), I had to get them for both girls.  Brantley insisted that they wear them on the first day, and I just couldn't say no. :)  And mama may or may not have gotten a pair almost exactly like these too, since I was so in love with them... :)

See, my biggest girl, smiling pretty for the camera.  My big girl, not so much... :)  It's okay, Gracie. :) :)  Those girls totally melted my heart going into school; they were both so brave and so comfortable, putting their backpacks away, giving me a hug, and walking right into their classes with no problem.  I got choked up when both walked in, just because I was (am) so, so proud of the little girls they are. <3

Brantley's Dress- Goat & Lulu (find it here!)
Grayson's Dress- Goat & Lulu (find it here!)
Brantley and Grayson's boots- Zulily

And for the first day of school, this was mama's outfit. :) I have worn this Loft dress a few different times, and think it will be really cute as we transition into fall.  I love it with my jean jacket, and think it will be cute with a cardi and boots, too.

Orange and White Colorblock Dress- Loft Outlet
Jean Jacket- Gap
Turquoise Bubble Necklace- Ebay
Black and Brown Sandals- Target

I will be linking up to The Pleated Poppy and Get Your Pretty On like usual today.  Pop on over and check them out!  Lots of awesome outfit inspiration and great style ideas.

Another photobomb by my sweet boy. :)  Maybe next WIWW Kids Edition should feature Mr. Ben! :)

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  1. I just wanted to tell you, I think I started doing WIWW posts around the same time as you, and for some reason I just keep looking for you every week. Seriously, I keep scrolling down through The Pleated Poppy Link party just to see your WIWW post. I don't do that with any of the others. I guess maybe I relate to your personal style because I think it is a lot like mine? who know! My name is Nicki BTW, and my blog is

    1. Thanks, Nikki! I've actually clicked on your blog a few times too, and love your outfits! Thanks for always visiting!!! :)

  2. You all look great! Dying over their darling duds!


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