Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Week in Pictures

Sometimes it's actually hard for me to sit down and write about what is going on in our everyday lives. I have 20,000 thoughts running through my head at any one moment, and I can barely remember what I've had for breakfast by lunchtime.  It's a good thing I take pictures of our "ordinary days" on a very regular basis, and I am able to look back on our pictures and remember funny moments, our favorite meals, or just sweet looks from the kids.  So here's a rundown of the past few weeks, in pictures.

This girl is A MESS.  I swear, she is constantly on the hunt for something she can get into and make a mess with.  And she is stealth.  I didn't know she had gotten into the jar of peanut butter until she comes (silently) walking out of the kitchen, licking her fingers.  I could hardly get angry with her though, with that proud smile. :)

We had the most delicious dinner the other night!  Scott wanted to grill, so we got steaks, and he grilled them along with some pretty summer squash, we steamed the broccoli and corn, and had fresh cherry tomatoes from my parents' garden!  My kids are really great veggie eaters, and were popping those tomatoes like candy.  It was a perfect summer meal.

This cutie has the most precious bedhead when he wakes up from his naps during the day.  He is so blonde, but not like a white blonde, but seriously, a golden blonde.  He has golden hair!  It is so sweet, and I love when it's a little mussed. :)

Scott and I had such a delicious anniversary lunch this past weekend (our first date was actually lunch at Ray's in the City!), at Ray's on the River.  When we have the opportunity to eat a nice meal out, we love to eat multiple courses, apps, soups, salads, entrees, and taste lots of different things.  I had champagne, Scott had a dirty martini, we shared oysters and shrimp cocktail, seafood gumbo, tomato bisque, lump crabcakes, soy tuna, and some more oysters.  It was the perfect start to our fun evening, and it's always so wonderful to have some one on one time with my husband.

The other morning, while I was trying to get ready, I watched a quick cheerleading video a friend of mine had posted on facebook.  Brantley saw it and wanted to watch it over and over.  So after the 7th time, I grabbed my computer, and she watched cheerleading videos on youtube, one after another the entire time I got ready!  It was adorable watching her clapping along, doing motions and making up her own cheers. :)  Her mama's cheerleading genes must be hereditary. :)

Soooo...I decided that I was ready to change some stuff around in the living room!!!  I have loved my gallery wall over our sofa, but I got a new rug in May, with lots of bright colors in paisley and florals, and with the rug, the gallery wall, the two other gallery walls in the room, the colorful throw pillows, was just too overwhelming.  Too much to look at, your eye being directed to too many places.  So, on Sunday I took down the entire wall of pictures, reworked another gallery wall downstairs, created a new one in our upstairs playroom area, and have big plans for the HUGE wall space over the sofa!  First up, though, filling in all these nail holes and painting over the crayon murals!  I'm excited to get it completed and will, of course, share it here when it's complete!

I've been dabbling a bit in watercolor, and with this tutorial from Emily of Jones Design Company, I painted these initial watercolor pieces.  It was really fun, really easy (I am not a painter), and very therapeutic!  I added the "l" to our L Gallery wall, and the "b" and "g" are going in the girls room.  I'm working on getting their room (finally) completely decorated (of course, I'll share that too once I'm done), and these will go on their gallery wall (as you can tell, I have a *thing* for gallery walls).  I really want to do some more because I really enjoyed it.  Until Grayson smuggled a tube of blue paint away and covered herself in it.  That's always fun.

And one more awesome meal.  We are trying to save money at the grocery store, so we eat some meatless meals throughout the week.  We made a Southern vegetable plate the other night, and the meat wasn't missed one bit.  Beans, greens, fried okra, fresh tomatoes and homemade cornbread.  Delicious.  I could eat it every night.

That's about it for us this week.  What would your week in pictures look like??

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