Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Craft Room Redo: The Reveal!

If you have been following along my blog for a little bit, you may know that I have been in the process of redoing my little craft space that I carved out for myself upstairs (check out the original post here, and the before pictures)!  I have been spending more and more time there, and it was becoming a cluttered, unorganized mess, instead of the clean, functional space I need!

So, when my friends Lauren and Lauren formed the organizing company, Chic Spaces by Lauren Squared, I jumped on the chance to have two sets of fresh eyes take a look at my craft corner, and work with me to create a wonderful and creative space that I would be proud of!  
And man, did they ever deliver!!

I couldn't have been happier with how my craft room turned out.  And working with Lauren and Lauren was not only fun (because, duh, doing stuff like this with your friends is so much more fun than by yourself!), but it was a learning experience!  I like to think that I have a pretty decent eye for decorating, but these girls know what they're doing, and know how to work with you to get what you're going for.

I came to Lauren and Lauren with 4 main issues that I needed fixed.  

1. I for sure needed a new sewing table.  I use my table for sewing, fabric cutting, crafting, and as a general workspace, and my old hand-me-down wasn't big enough, was too dark and clunky, and wasn't working anymore.

2. I needed clutter containing solutions.  Sewing requires lots of little things.  Thread, needles, sewing machine parts.  Pins, tape measures, buttons.  All these things need homes, instead of being left out any and everywhere.

3. An ironing board solution.  I pretty much have to have my ironing board out all the time when I'm working, because I am always pressing my work.  But, ironing boards can take up a lot of space, and my old one was a little wobbly, and always made me nervous when the kids were upstairs playing while I was sewing.

4. Fabric Storage.  I have TONS of fabric, and LOTS of scraps.  Instead of messy stacks on an ugly bookshelf, I needed a neater way of storing my fabric, while still being able to see it and access it easily.

And not only did I have those 4 issues that I wanted addressed, but I wanted this done for AS LITTLE MONEY AS POSSIBLE!  I really wanted to make this an attractive and inspiring place for myself, but I like to save my money for the living room, or the kitchen.  Places that visitors will see more often, and places we as a family enjoy together!  So I was working with a small budget for my redo.

Lauren and Lauren were more than happy to address every single issue and more.  And not only that, but they worked easily within my budget, shopped with me, shopped for me, offering inexpensive options whenever available, and even added decorator-worthy details on my shoestring budget!
So, let's take a look at the details!

I am obsessed with my new sewing table, from Ikea.  Probably my favorite thing about it, is that at Ikea you can select table tops, then mix and/or match different table legs at different price points, for different looks, etc.  I wanted a very clean and bright look in the room, so we chose a bright white tabletop, and shiny red legs.  For a table of it's size, it was under $50 and I think it was a STEAL.  It was the one thing I was willing to spend a bit of money on, and it's perfect.

The Laurens moved my "YAY!" banner and draped my fabric scrap garland that was over my gallery wall over the window.  I love the change and think it looks much cleaner. 

The Laurens adamently suggested that I get a new chair.  My old sewing chair, which was an office hand-me-down from my dad, was very comfy, but huge, and black, clunky and ugly.  I love my new slick yellow rolling chair, from Ikea.  It takes up considerably less space (I didn't even realize how much space my old chair took up!), and I love the cheery color.  I also could not resist this adorable button rug from Ikea!  The colors are perfect, and what rug says "Sewing Room" more than one covered in buttons??!  I whipped up a little "create" pillow too, for a little lumbar support and colorful flair. :)

The girls added some new items, and created a new (and very symmetrical!) gallery wall for me.  They centered it on the wall so I could add to it if I wanted.  I love the "Don't forget to be awesome" print, and also, see the print in the white frame on the lower right?  That's a portion of my logo printed onto fabric and framed!  So cool!

To add a bit of color to my corkboard, Lauren added yellow polka dotted washi tape to the frame!  I have a collection of washi that I use in my Goat & Lulu packaging, so she used about 3/4 of a roll to cover the frame.

I thought it was a clever (and free!) touch.  And shout out to Hello Hue for my cute sewing machine print!  I love it!

Lauren and I came up with this clutter containing idea while shopping at Ikea.  I had a leftover curtain rod from Walmart, and we hung these cute little red plastic hook cups off of it for easy access to items I use regularly while working.  Pens, scissors, measuring tape, etc., stay off my sewing table and in these cups.  And I LOVED that Lauren took some of my family pictures and hung them off the rod with ribbon!  I love looking at my babies while I'm working to remember what's most important!

The Laurens made a printer station for me, with my printer on top (instead of across the room, like before), a home for fabric scraps and my iron, and a box with printer paper and supplies.  The awesome little galvanized bin is from Walmart and their new Better Homes and Gardens line (which we all agreed was a great move, Walmart!).  The white box is from Ikea, and came as a package of 2 for $4.99!!!  They look very clean and are just cardboard!  But the silver details add so much, and hides clutter, which I am all for.

I was having a hard time finding an organized way of storing my patterns, and again, the girls found this solution at Walmart!  This galvanized bucket hold my rolled up patterns perfectly next to my printer cart.

Another great clutter-buster was this white hanging cabinet and turquoise cart.  I bought this white shelf in college from Target, and it was actually sitting in my garage when I thought that it may look good on this wall.  We brought it up, cleaned it out, put it up on the wall, and filled the shelves!  It fit perfectly, and while it adds a decorative touch, it is definitely functional in holding elastic, velcro, lables, buttons, pins, safety pins, etc.  Plus, underneath it is the new home for my YAY banner!  Yay! :)

I also acquired my grandmother's antique iron over the weekend, and this cabinet provides the perfect new home for it. :)

I had been coveting this turquoise cart from Ikea from the moment I saw it on Pinterest.  Not only is it totally adorable and a great color, but it holds so much!  I filled mason jars from my kitchen with thread and pens/pencils and placed them on a cake stand from my pantry, added on white wicker baskets that were hidden in my closet that now hold fabric, and two cute little chevron bins from the dollar section at Target.

And as nerdy as it is, this over the door ironing board was the one thing that all three of us were going nuts over!  My old ironing board was taking up so much room, was dangerous, and, let's face it, was an eyesore. The Laurens found this awesome solution at Walmart.   Now this new ironing board can be easily put away when not in use, flips right down, and takes up no floor space!

It's also much more secure, and I don't have to worry about Ben pulling up on it and flipping it over.  
LOVE it!

And my fabric storage!  I think this bookcase had the most dramatic makeover; you wouldn't even know this was the same old laminate bookcase as before!  We had lots of idea for transforming it: painting, wallpapering, etc., but Lauren had the great idea of striping it with tape!  Duck Tape now has so many different colors and styles of tape, but Lauren got just the plain white and taped the fronts of the shelves, and I LOVE the way it looks!  After she taped the fronts, I didn't even think we needed to add more color or really anything else.  It looked clean and really cute!

Then, of course, the storage.  I wanted my fabric organized, but still able to be seen.  The Laurens found these white wire baskets for fabric storage, and we added more of the galvanized buckets in for scraps, and more of the white Ikea boxes for thread, ribbon, trim, etc.  All these vessels are key for keeping this shelf neat and organized I also moved a lot of scraps and leftover fabric to a nearby closet, since I rarely use them, but still want to save them!  Just going through the fabric, refolding it, and moving some things out cleaned it up a lot.  

On the side of the bookshelf that I can see from my desk, we painted a chalkboard!  Now I have a place to write new orders, fabric I need to order, or notes to myself!  It was a cute and easy touch, since I already had some chalkboard paint.

Overall, like I've said a million times, I just love how my craft space turned out!  The Laurens were so great to work with, and were so great to stay within my budget.  We got pretty much everything from budget retailers Ikea and Walmart, and DIY-ed a few things, and also "shopped my house," by going through rooms and using items that were not being used other places.  We tried to spend as little as possible, and really got a lot for what I ended up spending!  

They were very flexible and fun, with lots of ideas and spent all day with me until the space was perfect and just as I wanted it.  Bottom line, I am pleased as punch with my friends, and they are going to have a bright future if this is just the beginning!

I hope you enjoyed touring my new craft space!  Make sure you check out Chic Spaces by Lauren Squared on Facebook, and I would highly recommend them for any organizational help you need.
Now, I'm off to sew! :)

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  1. Wow! It looks great! What a bright and cheerful transformation. I am lovin' that turquoise Ikea cart and the colorful fabric organization. So awesome!

  2. It looks awesome!! What a huge change. Love all the organization and the colors. Also, Ikea, I mean how can you not love that store!

    1. Thanks, Laura! And I know, it's a good think Ikea is not just down the street. I could do some serious damage in there!

  3. Hi there Amanda - I like your craft room, thanks for the tour around! I have this linked to my craft rooms post too today!!

  4. Oh my goodness it is soooooooo cute! Love everything! I need some of your organization in my life! xoxo

  5. Cute room! Love all your chevron and polkadot fabrics!!


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