Friday, August 9, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

Hello Friends!  I don't know about you, but I am PUMPED that it's Friday!  As usual, I am linking up with Rags to Stitches today for Coffee Date Friday!
If we were meeting for coffee this morning...
...I would first tell you what an AWESOME time I had with the Laurens of Chic Spaces by Lauren Squared yesterday redecorating and reorganizing my craft space!!  They helped me take it from a cramped, messy, unorganized nook to a functional, efficient, colorful and inspiring corner for me to design, work, and create in.  It's beyond what I expected, and I love it so much.  They worked so hard with me yesterday, and to say that I am pleased would be such an understatement.  I am so excited to share all the details next week!  Thanks again, Lauren and Lauren!!!
...I would tell you that the stomach bug?  Yeah.  It's no joke.  In the four plus years I have been a mom, we have yet to experience a stomach bug until last week.  And these poor little hineys have felt the wrath.  Thankfully, it's only been yucky diapers and not vomiting, fevers, etc., but the poop was bad enough.  And if you're not a mom, I'll apologize for all the poop talk.  But if you are a mom, there will be no need to apologize.  And I'm pretty sure you'll probably chime in with some poop stories of your own.
...I would tell you that I got a little choked up looking at all the school supplies at Walmart the other day.  Brantley will be starting Pre-K in a few weeks, and I think I am in denial.  Also, I have been excited for school to start back; ready for a new routine, a good set schedule, and to have a few mornings to spend with just Ben!  But now that we're down to the wire, and Brantley is just such a big girl now, I'm getting a little sad and sentimental.  She is just so grown up all of a sudden, and I know she will continue to change and grow up so much in this next year.  I'm just so proud of her, and I know my mama heart is going to break a little when she's off to preschool this year.
...I would ask you about yourself, your kids, your husband.  I'd ask how your parents are doing, if you're ready for back to school!  Are you dreading it and sad the summer's over or are you looking forward to a new beginning?  Are you excited for college football (!!!) and are you going to any games this year?  
...I would have to make our chat short for today, because we're headed to Virginia this afternoon to see my grandfather!  We haven't been to visit since Brantley was 8 weeks old, so we're a little overdue. :)  I have a bunch of packing left to do (packing three kids is NO JOKE!), so I'll definitely be taking a coffee to go!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for meeting me over coffee today! :)
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  1. It's lovely to meet you! Hope those kiddos get better soon!


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