Friday, August 30, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

Linking up with Rags to Stitches this morning!

I am back this week with Coffee Date Friday, and I am so glad you're joining me this morning!
If we were meeting over coffee...
...I may look a little tired to you.  Between staying up all hours sewing, to the girls starting school this week, to Ben's little virus he's battling, I am beat.  But really, when am I not tired?  And I'm not sure that I know anyone who's not pretty much chronically exhausted.  But, either way, I am tired.  And no sign of our crazy (crazy awesome) life slowing down anytime soon, so I just keep on truckin!  And mayyyyyybe I sneak in a rouge nap in the afternoon every once in a while as Ben's finishing his nap and Brantley and Gracie are consumed in Dora... :)
...I would tell you that the girls pretty much rocked their first week of school.  Both Brantley and Grayson walked right into their classes on Tuesday morning, no big deal, no tears, no problem.  They were like, "Mom, quit crying.  We've got this."  Aside from being a bit cranky from being tired, they have really adapted well to a new schedule.  They like getting up and dressed right away, and Brantley has started really enjoying picking her clothes out for the next school day each night.  We have a good little routine going, and I just hope we can all keep up with it!
...I would tell you that I have a few BIG promotions coming soon for Goat & Lulu!  Next Saturday I will be selling at my first Showcase/Craft Show!  A cute little boutique outside of Atlanta, The Winey Blonde, is having a big party for their first anniversary, featuring a craft show, food trucks, a small fair, etc.  The owner saw my shop on etsy, contacted me and asked me if I'd like to be a vendor!  So I decided to go ahead and test the waters, and see how well my merchandise will sell in that kind of  a setting!  I'm really excited, but feeling a bit overwhelmed, in that not only do I have to sew all my orders, but I have to make MORE of everything to take with me!  Also, are you familiar with Certifikid??  Pop over to the website and check it out!  It's a deal website in the same vein as Groupon, Living Social, etc.  Cerifikid offers family and kid friendly deals, and is expanding into Atlanta now!  So let's just say that you may see an awfully familiar brand on there very soon!
...I would have to cut our coffee date short because the girls are headed to Aiken this weekend, and I still have to pack them!  Thank you for "joining" me again for coffee today, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Where is The Winey Blonde? I think it is near me and I HAVE to come support you!

    1. Yes, Allison it is! It's in Woodstock. I know they have a website, so google it to get the address. The event is September 7th, 10-6. I would LOOOOOOVE to see some friendly faces there! And I appreciaate your support so, so much!!! :)

  2. please, please tell me Ben hasn't been battling HFM! :(
    and congrats on your first show - i know you'll do great! and thanks for the tip on certifikid - i *need* another daily deals site in my life! ;-)

  3. also... i went to sign up for certifikid, but your link isn't working. i found the site on my own, but waited to sign up so i can do it through your link so you can get the credits! :) so just send it my way when you get a free minute


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