Friday, August 16, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

Hey Friends!  I'm so glad you decided to join me for coffee on this rainy Friday morning.  I'm linking up for Coffee Date Friday with Rags to Stitches today.  If we were meeting for coffee this morning...

...I would ask you if you've been enjoying this unusually cool weather we've had this week?!  The last two days I have been in jeans and long sleeve shirts.  Perfect.  Fall is my very favorite season.  I love the clothes, the weather, and the FOOTBALL!  As fun as summer is, and as much as I love warm weather, fall is my favorite.  I'm sure we'll go back to some hot weather before the summer is really over, but this little fall tease has been a treat.

...I would tell you how much I am looking forward to an overnight date night on Saturday!!  Bammy and PaDaddy are coming to watch the kids while Scott and I go spend the day with some good friends of ours in Atlanta, and then get together Saturday night for a Wine Club Reunion!!  About 5 years ago, when we still lived in the city, we decided one afternoon how fun it would be to get together with some friends once a month, all bring wine, and we could have a wine tasting on  regular basis.  We invited some friends over, had a theme (Italian Reds, Champagne Campaign, Whites Under $10, etc), made some appetizers, and we had a BLAST!  So, Wine Club was born!  Each month a different couple hosts, can choose the theme, the guest list, the food and the prize for the winner!  We have made some really great friends through Wine Club, but as it can happen, after we all started having kids, it got harder and harder to meet up on a regular basis.  We've had members move, busy schedules, and life has just generally gotten in the way, so when it was suggested that we have a "reunion" for adults only, we were totally in!!  So I am SO looking forward to sitting and chatting with my favorite Wine Club friends, catching up, and not having to be distracted by the kids.  Also can't wait to spend some time with Scott!!!

...I would also tell you that I will be cleaning pretty much all day today to prepare for Bammy and PaDaddy's arrival. They would pretty much take one step in, look around, and turn around and walk right back out otherwise.

...I would tell you about the new Goldfish Puffs that I saw in the grocery store (and bought, duh) on Thursday.  Like a cross between goldfish and cheese puffs.  DANGEROUS.  And SO good.

...I would be worn out because I have had several late nights this week.  And you would probably tell me that you're exhausted too, because really, how many well-rested mamas do you know?  Exactly.

...I would tell you that I think Jimmy Fallon is hilarious, and his late night show is the best on TV.  Random, but true.  And he will be awesome when he takes over the Tonight Show.

What would you share with me over coffee?  Are you ready for the weekend?  Had a tough week or a good week?  Are you ready for fall or do you still have a few things left on your summer bucket list (we're almost done!)?

I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

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  1. Ok, your family are WAY too cute :-) Saying hello from the linkup! Happy weekend, new friend!

    1. Yay, I love new friends!! Thanks for visiting!! :)

  2. I would share what a silly person i am. I read your blog and live in the same city. Always wondering if we have crossed paths. And lo and behold we do so and I say nothing. How pathetic. I am shy to begin with but figured I would look like the crazy person. So I walked on. I was the red head in the lime green shirt yesterday at the store. Oh well. Maybe next time. Who knows. If we ever get back to church may run into you there. We probably have. Common friends. Have a great Friday and fun weekend. Few more free weekends then back to travel ball for us!!

    1. Oh, Marie, I wish you had said hello!!! Was it when I was at Kroger with Ben yesterday??? But I totally know what you mean. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a facebook acquaintance or someone from high school, and I turn the other way or duck behind a clothing fixture and say nothing when I should just say hello. Isn't that so sad?? It's actually been a challenge for me this year, that if I see someone I know, no matter whether or not I think they'll know me or remember me, just to say hi, and not to avoid them. I have come to think I am actually an introvert, which would explain why doing that is a little scary, but how often do you wish that someone had not said hello, or how often have you not appreciated when someone had a kind word to say to you? That's my perspective, and I hope that we do run into each other again, and we can both say hi and laugh at how silly we both are! :)

  3. I'm definitely loving the cooler weather. It was 99 on Tuesday and then 64 yesterday here. I was shocked when I walked outside in my shorts and tank top!!! lol Thanks for coffee =]

  4. We've had a heat wave here and I've been loving it. Our July was unseasonably cold though. Dropping by from the link up and really enjoyed our coffee date :)

  5. I love the idea of your wine club! I think I might have to start one of my own. I'd love to learn more about wine, and also how to pair various grapes with food.


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