Friday, August 2, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

Linking up today with Rags to Stitches!

Hello Friends!  So glad that you're back for Coffee Date Friday!  If we were getting together for coffee this morning... usual, I'd be drinking my coffee black.  And lots of it.  We've had a busy week, and again, like usual, I am SO glad it's Friday!!  Can you believe it's AUGUST??  I swear, I'm going to blink and it's gonna be Christmas.  Scott and I will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary on the 19th ( we've been married seven years!!!), and his birthday is on the 23rd, so we have some fun things to celebrate!

...I would share with you the sweetest few moments that I had with Brantley a few nights ago.  Grayson fell asleep on the floor after dinner, so I put her to bed early, and then put Ben to bed at 7:00.  Brantley asked if she could watch some cartoons in our bed, and since both the other kids were already asleep, I agreed.  I turned it to Sophia the First and as I was leaving the room, she asked if I would lay with her for a minute and watch Sophia with her.  Now if y'all know me, you know that the evening is my time.  Scott usually puts the girls to bed, and after I lay Ben down, I get to work on sewing or whatever I have planned.  But this night, I decided to take the opportunity to have a bit of one on one time with my oldest.  So we laid in bed, and she talked and talked and talked, and I just listened, answered her questions, and snuggled a bunch.  It almost felt like we were friends at a slumber party sharing giggles.  I am with the kids constantly, but I don't get the chance to give each of the kids individual attention very often.  It is incredible to see how her little personality has developed, and to see her just as Brantley, and not as a big sister, or the oldest child, but just Brantley.  I found a brand new love for my first born, and of course I love her dearly, but I am just so, so proud of her, how smart and caring she is, and really what a sweet little girl she is.
...I would tell you how EXCITED I am for my craft space redo next week with Chic Spaces by Lauren Squared!!!  I have been doing a few things here and there getting ready for Lauren and Lauren, but I really don't want to do too much; I want two sets of fresh eyes to look at my space and reorganize it, rearrange it, and make it look super cute!  If you missed the before pictures, check them out here (they have their work cut out for them!)!

...I would ask you for some tv show suggestions!!  Since I finished watching Homeland and Dexter On Demand (both amazing and highly recommended), I am itching for a new show to watch before all my favorites come back in the fall!  I need something with only a season or two to catch up on (I can't do seven seasons of catch up again, like I did with Dexter!), so what are your favorites?  I honestly think I like watching tv On Demand better than regular!  I like watching shows back to back rather than having to wait a week in between episodes.  #firstworldproblems

...I would ask you what your plans are for the weekend!  We were planning on heading to South Carolina to spend some time with my in laws, but this will be my view instead.  I have a TON of orders that need to ship out by Monday, so I'll be a one woman sweatshop all weekend.

...and I would ask you for your favorite dinner recipes!  I'm headed to the grocery store today, and want some menu ideas to shake up our normal routine.  Sometimes the recipes that are no-brainers and go-tos for you are totally new and different to others!  So tell me, what will you be eating for dinner this week?

...I'd give you a big hug and thank you for meeting with me for coffee!  I'd tell you to have a great weekend, and that I can't wait to see you next Friday!

What would you share with me this morning over coffee??

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  1. Stopping by from the link up :) My hubs and i love Dexter!! I cannot wait to see how they are going to end this. With Vogel and with Deb ... and then tomorrow's episode ... argh ... I can't wait. I love our DVR and watching stuff without the commercials. and choosing to watch back to back like you said. As for TV shows. I like Pretty Wicked Moms, Bachelorette, Big Brother ... dumb reality TV stuff. Hopefully you'll find something you like!


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