Monday, August 26, 2013

Adios, Summer!

Today is officially our last day of summer in the Luton household.  Brantley starts Pre-K tomorrow (my baby!!  All grown up!!), and Grayson is going to 2 day a week 2 year-old preschool starting tomorrow as well.  I have had pangs of terrible sadness, and will miss our laid back mornings, our carefree summer schedule, and the fact that school beginning means that another year is flying by.  But honestly, I am pretty excited about the new school year starting.  

I have always gotten excited about each new school year; it feels like everything starts over in the fall, and there are so many fun things to look forward to.  Back to school shopping, new school supplies, new friends, teachers and classes, football, and the holidays right around the corner.  It will be nice to get back to a solid routine, and have everyone on a good schedule again.  And it will be wonderful to have some one on one time with my boy two mornings a week!  I really can't be too sad, because we had an awesome summer. Though we didn't get every single thing marked off our bucket list, that really wasn't the point.  The point was to have some fun ideas in line to make sure we made the most of our summer, and our time together.  And that, we certainly did!

So here's a look back on Luton Summer 2013, and some of the highlights of the best summer we've had thus far. :)

We celebrated Gracie's second birthday!

And had fun times swimming.

Mommy celebrated her 31st birthday...

...and Brantley and Grayson celebrated their 4th and 2nd birthdays with a Fairy Garden Tea Party!

We played dress up... dressed up for church...

...played games...

...sometimes naked. :)

We saw a parade...

...and celebrated our country on Memorial Day...

...with ice cream!

We headed out with the Luton side of the family, for our first Edisto Beach trip of the year.

Gracie also gave up her paci!

We took good beach naps. :)

We all had a wonderful time.

We celebrated Brantley's fourth birthday and she got her first real manicure and pedicure!

We added two new members to our family, our fish, Sassy and Roo (and they are STILL alive!!)!

We were silly...

...and we were really cute. :)

We played in the backyard pool...

...and we swang a lot. 

And we thoroughly enjoyed the backyard.

We may have suck a nap in here and there. :)

We had a ton of fun fishing at the Atlanta Children's Museum...

...and loved the big walls we didn't get in trouble for painting on!

Mom may have snuck in a cocktail or two. :)

We had an awesome photo shoot for Goat & Lulu...

...and always made time for snuggling.

Ben had his first trip to Waffle House!

And we celebrated Daddy on Father's Day.

We got sick a few times, but thankfully got well pretty quickly.

We blew lots and lots of bubbles. :)

We celebrated friends' birthday parties...

...and made new friends on the playground!

We snuck in a few more naps. :)

We grew some new teeth and looked incredibly cute doing it!

We enjoyed rides around the house...

...and loved eating naked. 

We loved...

...and explored.

We headed to Edisto Beach for the second time with the Midkiff side of the family.

We enjoyed more beach naps.

We celebrated the Fourth of July!

And we loved every moment in the ocean.

We enjoyed plenty of chocolate!

And went on some more rides!

We threw a few fits.

We had lunch dates with new friends!

And spent some time playing by ourselves.

We went on some family walks!

We enjoyed the culinary offerings of our local Chick Fil A, and their indoor playground!

And we enjoyed our fair share of ice cream!

We danced... our faces painted...

...and checked out other faces!

We had outdoor story time...

...and library story time!

Ate lots of pancakes...

...and watched a little Dora.

We grew tomatoes!

Mom and Dad got out a few times too!

We threw tea parties...

...and we played so hard...

...that we slept standing up!

We went on a road trip to Virginia!

And we had donut picnics.

We picked our tomatoes...

...and learned about cheerleading!

We celebrated our 7th anniversary over oysters!

We tickled and teased...

...and got into a bit of trouble.

We spent a lot of time in the grocery store...

...and lots of time learning in the kitchen too.

We made Daddy a delicious cake and celebrated his birthday!
My Sweet Boy Learned to WALK!
Looking back on these pictures (which like I said, are just some highlights, and not even close to all the things we did), I think we truly made the most of our summer.  We had our fair share of laid back, relaxing jammie days, movie nights, and playroom playtime days at home, but had lots of fun, and made lots of memories too.  So adios, summer!  You were a GREAT one.  See you next year!!!

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