Thursday, August 1, 2013

10 Months

My boy.

My baby.

My heart.

This little boy is growing and growing, and sweet as ever.  Crawling, laughing, walking, climbing, playing, EATING, hugging, waving, talking, you name it, he's doing it.

Each morning, Grayson and I go in to get him out of his bed.  She says, "Hey Bud-dy!" and he looks at us through the slats in his crib sucking his thumb, then hops up, grabs onto the crib rail, and starts jumping and squealing. :)  It is certainly a wonderful way to start the day. :)

Our "Bud-dy" (Grayson says the two syllables very separately and distinctly :)) is 10 months old now, and changing more and more, learning more, growing more.

Here are his monthly stats:

The kid eats NON-STOP.  Bananas, blueberries, grapes, ritz crackers, pancakes, peanut butter sandwiches green beans, corn, yogurt, oranges, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, cheese, baked beans french fries, chicken, ham...I mean we have yet to find something he absolutely refuses.  Except Chef Boyardee macaroni and cheese.  He has a sophisticated palette. :)

He is standing, crawling, walking along the sofas or if you hold his hand, or alone with his (pink) walker.  He is CONSTANTLY on the move!  He plays so well with his sisters, and has inherited the fantastic love of independent play.  Thank goodness.  He can sit in the playroom with Brantley and Grayson and look at books or play with the dollhouse and/or kitchen right along with him.  And of course, they love for him to be "Daddy" when they play house and they are so patient and loving with him.  It is truly a joy to watch them all playing together.

Oh Ben, how could we have ever imagined that our family could have been complete without you?

Another magical month with this ray of sunshine.

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  1. Sweet, handsome little buddy!! Hoping I get to see him before the big 0-1! I miss that sweet face! Hugs and kisses from Aunt Linds. :)


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