Monday, July 29, 2013

White Wine Sangria

I am typically not a "fruity drink" kind of girl.  But, I think there is a time and place for everything!   
During the summer, and especially at the beach, red wine just doesn't do it for me.  So something lighter, something crisp and cold, and something refreshing is a better choice, I think.

This year at the beach, we had some extra bottles of white wine, but thought a cocktail sounded good.  We had some peaches we needed to use before they over-ripened, and had about half a container of strawberries to use.  We looked up some sangria recipes, and kind of pieced a few together to develop our own!

So here is the White Wine Sangria recipe we came up with, and it was perfect!!!  The only bad thing about sangria is that it needs to sit a good while before you drink it, so don't make it, planning on pouring a drink right away.  Make it at lunchtime so it'll be ready for happy hour!  And this is not an exact recipe.  We kind of used what we had and it worked, so throw whatever fruit you have in the fridge in the mix!  I suggested a few different additions you could use at the end of the recipe.  So mix it up, and enjoy some delicious 
White Wine Sangria while it's still hot outside!

What You Need:

2 bottles of your favorite Pinot Grigio (we used some really cheap wine and it turned out great!  But use your favorites and it'll be delicious!)
100 mL Grand Marnier
2 Peaches
1 Orange
1 Lemon
1 Lime
1 Carton Strawberries

Here's What You Do:

Pour the wine and Grand Marnier (an orange liqueur) into a large pitcher.  

Remove skin from the peaches, and discard pit.  Slice into small pieces and add to pitcher.

Slice orange, lemon, and lime into sliced rounds and add to pitcher.

Remove stem from strawberries, quarter, and add to pitcher.
(Other fruit options include: sliced apples, grapes, plums, pineapple)

Place pitcher in refrigerator, and allow to sit for 4-6 hours to let flavors blend.


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