Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello Monday!

Linking up with Lisa Leonard today.  Check it out!

Hello Monday!

Hello Edisto Beach, again!

Hello lots of good family time.

Hello delicious seafood, yummy cocktails, and tasty appetizers.  I am vacationing with some of the best cooks and bartenders I know!

Hello darling cousins.

Hello sandy faces...

...and sandy bottoms. 

Hello late night talks (and drinking :)).

Hello babies sitting on boxes of beer.  Haha!

Hello peaceful morning beach walks.

SO thankful to be back at the beach this week.

What are you saying hello to this Monday morning?? 

And by the way, today Google Reader is officially ka-put.  So if you like to read and follow blogs using a feed, try out Bloglovin'!  I have just recently started using Bloglovin', and it's so easy to have all of my favorite blogs all in one place to read all the newest posts.  And Goat & Lulu is on Bloglovin', so feel free to follow me there! :)

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