Monday, July 22, 2013

Goat & Lulu Photoshoot with The EA Photography Studio

As I have been talking about for quite sometime, I have been in the process of growing my Goat & Lulu etsy shop into more of a Goat & Lulu business.  I have been working (hard) on rebranding Goat & Lulu, getting a new logo created, and even working towards creating a new website and getting Goat & Lulu into local retail shops.  All very exciting!

At this same time, a friend of mine that I was introduced to through my brother in law and sister in law had just started a photography business, and was interested in working together on a Goat & Lulu photoshoot!  I of course, was thrilled, as one who LOVES getting pictures taken, and also as a (very) small business owner, I knew that some professional pictures of my garments would be key for marketing materials and for emphasizing the Goat & Lulu "lifestyle" that I am trying to create!

So, Esther Christian, from The EA Photography Studio came to our house about a month ago, and took all my scatterbrained and all-over-the-place ideas, and shot some beautiful pictures of my sweet babies wearing Goat & Lulu.  Esther was laid-back and easy going, friendly and fun, completely professional, and full of ideas and suggestions for creating the look I was hoping for: a fun, whimsical, casual, colorful, rustic, southern, eclectic, playful afternoon (enough adjectives for ya? :)).  And I think she captured my vision perfectly.

I never actually intended on a tea set being a part of the photoshoot.  The girls needed something to keep their focus and something to kind of "play with" during the shoot, and we had a tea set left on our deck from their birthday party a few weeks prior.  I grabbed the set, and they just went to town playing.  And I just love how it turned out.

Again, the girls needed a little encouraging.  Esther was so patient!  And I resorted to tickling. :)  I love these where you can see me reaching in and tickling the girls and how much fun that moment was.

Monk was our supervisor, making sure we stayed focused on the task at hand.  He is all business. :)

My very favorite picture from the shoot.  My darling girls.

I love these pictures too, because my Dad made this beautiful rustic bench, that the girls are sitting on, for me this past Mother's Day.  And some exciting news...some of my Dad's beautiful wooden creations will be added to the etsy shop this week!  I love that Goat & Lulu's home line will expand from pillows and runners to include handmade rustic frames and mirrors as well!

I have had a lot of questions about these criss-cross ruffle bubbles, and they will be in the etsy shop this week!

Oh, my boy.

Oh, my heart.  My sweet boy.

I wanted a few pictures of me with the children, but I still wanted the emphasis to be on the kids.  I got some inspiration from another picture I had seen, of mama holding the baby, and the littles holding onto her legs, and so that's what we were aiming for.

I love these, and they are so special to me.

They are the reason I'm doing Goat & Lulu, afterall.  

So, a HUGE thank you goes out to Esther of The EA Photography Studio.  She did an amazing job, and if this is just the start of her photography business, I can only imagine where it's going to go!  And please contact Esther to photograph you and your family!  She is fantastic, and I would highly recommend her.  Find her here!

What a fun afternoon indulging in my passion and further building Goat & Lulu!  Thanks so much, Esther!!

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