Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Craft Room Redo: The Before

I spend a lot of time in my craft room.  About a year ago, I cleared out a "nook" in our upstairs, grabbed an old table and an office chair of my dad's, and set up my sewing table!  Not pretty, but functional.  With my Goat & Lulu business growing in the past year, and all the time I spend in my little nook, I have been needing some more organizational solutions, more storage, and a little more inspiration!  I have wanted to do a decor redo in my craft space for some time, but since it's upstairs, out of the way, and since I'm really the only one who sees it, it has gone on the backburner.  Until now!!

A few months ago, two of my good friends (the Laurens :)) decided to go into business for themselves and create Chic Spaces by Lauren Squared.  They call it "Organized Redesign," and focus on systematic home design to create chic, thoughtful, organized spaces.  Pretty much, they will come in and look at your messy, unorganized craft room (or any space in your home), and work with you to organize it, make it pretty, and make it functional.  If there was ever a time to get my craft room organized, it was now, and with the help of my two friends and their new business!  I let them know that I was looking to develop my craft room from a basic and boring space into an organized and colorful creative retreat.  And I wanted to do it for as little money as possible!  They, of course, were more than happy to take on the challenge, and we are all SO excited!

So, I thought I would document the process here, and show you the magic that these girls really can work.  I took some before pictures (and my apologies for the awful cell phone pictures, and at night) to show you the mess that I have been working amongst.

Yikes!  My sewing table is too small, and my chair is too big!  Not to mention my patterns all over the floor, and clear plastic shoeboxes filled with t shirt backstock on the floor.  Not cute, very cluttered, and definitely not creatively inspiring.

I have to keep my ironing board out all the time since I press my fabric so much while I'm sewing, but it definitely could be placed somewhere different to give me more room at my table.

Umm, clearly I need cuter storage since I'm storing some extra fabric and pillow stuffing fiber-fil in diaper boxes!  

Holy mess!!  My fabric shelf is just an old laminate bookcase, and other than organizing my fabric by color, it's a mess, and no fun to look at.

I thought this above-the-door shoe holder would be good for holding notions like trim, thread, extra needles, and other things, but it doesn't fit on the bathroom door well, and I don't like how all my supplies are out on display.  I would rather them be tucked away in cute boxes or bins, and something I can get to easily.

And oh, the beginnings of a cute gallery wall, but I haven't made the time to complete it!  I love a good gallery wall, but clearly, I just need to complete it!

So we have talked over the phone, and via email, and the Laurens have created a plan for my little craft room!  Lots of color, lots of function, and definitely a creative space of my own.  Yesterday, one of the Laurens and I got a GREAT start at Ikea, picking up some decorative pieces and my very favorite thing, a new sewing table!!!

I'll keep you updated with the progress, and after the complete installation on August 8th, I'll reveal my new (and beautiful, I'm sure!) craft room here!  I can't wait to have a space all my own that inspires me in my sewing and designing.

In the meantime, check out Chic Spaces by Lauren Squared here and see the projects they have already completed.  So excited to work with you both, girls!

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  1. So exciting! I love a good room makeover. Can't wait to see the after pics!


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