Friday, July 26, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

TGIF Friends!  I'm linking up with Rags to Stitches today. :)

If we were having coffee this morning...

...we would be sitting around my kitchen table admiring my beautifully clean and freshly mopped floors!  Ha!  It only took me all doggone afternoon to mop them earlier this week.  And you better say how nice they look. :)

...I would tell you that I feel refreshed.  I feel good.  The girls were at Camp BammyPa (aka at Bammy and PaDaddy's house :)) from Sunday through Wednesday, and I was able to have some one on one time with Bennett, and some quality time with Scott, too.  Both of which were loooong overdue.  Other than Ben's recent teething crankiness, he is such an easy baby.  He takes the most incredible naps which gave this mama some time to get some things done, and I even sat down and watched a tv show in the middle of the day.  That is practically unheard of in our house!  Yep, let's just say it was a nice break. :)

...I would tell you that all that being said, I am so glad to have my girls back.  Yes, it's loud, the playroom is already a mess again, there are baby strollers in the kitchen and tiaras on the sofas, but we are all back together and I wouldn't have it any other way.  :)

...I would tell you that my little craft room redo is coming along swimmingly!!  And I might even give you a peek!  I had a lot of good luck at Ikea on Monday, and have been working on some cute DIY details before the actual installation with the Laurens from Chic Spaces by Lauren Squared on August 8th.  It will be wonderful to be able to work in an organized and inspiring creative space!

When did my boy get so BIG???  P.S.- This 12-18 month onesie is far too small for my little Boomer!

...I would tell you that Ben's birthday is seriously sneaking up on me.  This little boy is growing up much faster than I'd like, and I swear, he grows an inch every day, and is *thisclose* to walking, and I just don't even know if I can handle my boy, my last baby, becoming a toddler.  Not. ready.

...I would tell you that I know it's ridiculous, and Scott would think I'm crazy, but I totally cried when I watched the live streaming of Kate and Wills walking out of the hospital with their new baby boy the other day!  It was so sweet, and I thought William was beaming, and Kate looked so beautiful.  I know, I know, who cares, but, it's such a real life fairy tale!  And who doesn't like a good "happily ever after" story? :)
...we would finish up our coffee and strap the kids into strollers, and take a few laps around the neighborhood.  The mornings have been so mild lately, and are perfect for family walks.  And everytime we go outside for a walk, Ben starts kicking his chunky little legs, and holds them up in the air, kicking, for the entire walk.  It is so cute. :)
What would you want to chat about over coffee?  
Have a GREAT weekend!!

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  1. That pillow is adorable. Did you make it?

  2. Bennett looks JUST like Banks and Raleigh in that picture!!


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