Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Sooo...I know I said last week that this was going to be a huge post with lots of outfits from the beach, etc., etc...but, well, between sweeping the beach sand off my kitchen floor five times a day, trying to trap the fruit flies that are trying to take over my kitchen (this worked awesome!), and planning a day full of surprises for my sweet girl's 4th birthday, I just have not been able to get it together!  I didn't take outfit pictures while I was gone, and with half my clothes in the laundry (let me clarify that- laundry room, few of which have actually made it into the washing machine), and the little free time I've had in the last few days, I just have not had the time to "reinact" my daily outfits from the beach.  But what I will do is "re-wear" these outfits in the next few weeks, and then I'll be able to document them and show them to you.
Deal?  Deal.
So, I do have two outfits to share from before we left, and the outfit I wore yesterday for Miss Brantley's birthday.
And I promise, next week will be better!

So, I'm kind of obsessed with ordering these sheer printed tops.  This is my third one, but I just think they are so cute and very versatile.  I love the chevron and the yellow in this one, and just wanted to wear it casual with some rolled up jean shorts!

Yellow Chevron Top- Very Jane
Jean Shorts and Belt- Wal Mart
Gold Glitter and Nude Strap Sandals- Target
White Tank- Old Navy

I am also a sucker for short sleeve knit dresses.  I saw this one on sale the other day (only $11!!  Score!), and knew I could do so much with a basic gray and white striped dress.  This particular day, I was reaching for my trusty jean jacket when I saw this polka dotted button up hanging on my closet door, and grabbed it instead!  I love the subtle pattern mixing, and since both pieces are gray and white, it's not as bold a statement.  These are two pf my new favorite pieces that you'll be seeing again soon!

Gray and White Polka Dot Button Up- TJ Maxx
Gray and White Striped Short Sleeve Knit Dress- Target
Black and Tan Sandals- Target

Let's just pause for a minute and address how EVERYONE looks thinner, healthier, happier and overall better  with a tan?!  Oh, how I wish tanning beds were not so bad for you.  Anyway, I felt really good wearing this outfit for Brantley's birthday.  It was comfortable and I also felt cute.  These yellow polka dotted skinnes are my new favorite pants.  How can you feel bad wearing a pair of sunny yellow pants?!

And I really love this tribal/chevron scarf I got when my sister in law and I had an awesome Mama's Day Out in Charleston while we were on vacay.  We had so much fun and got great deals on some really cute scarves!

I kept the color going with some bangles around the wrist, but stuck with simple gold pave studs and just my trusty ole' monogram necklace.
Scarf- Charleston Straw Market
Sleeveless Cotton Lace Swing Top- Urban Outfitters
Yellow Polka Dotted Skinny Jeans- Gap
Gold Glitter and Nude Strap Sandals- Target
Bangles- Stella & Dot
I will be linking up with The Pleated Poppy and Get Your Pretty On for some more outfit and style inspiration!  Check it out!

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  1. Love that little grey striped dress! So cute!

  2. Cute stripped dress and I love that scarf! Very Jane is the best!

  3. Great outfits, my favorite is the yellow jeans paired with the scarf - so perfect for summer!

  4. All of your outfits are so cute!! I seriously love your yellow top and pants. I'm on a yellow kick at the moment :)

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