Monday, June 10, 2013

Luton Edisto 2013

Edisto Beach, South Carolina

We just got back from our annual beach trip that we take with Scott's family.  His uncle has owned a beach house in Edisto Beach, South Carolina for many years, and Scott and his family have been vacationing in Edisto for about 30 years (and now my family actually goes there every year too, and we'll be headed back for Midkiff Edisto 2013 in a few weeks!).  We have been going with Scott's Mom and Dad, his brother and wife, their two kids, and his sister and her husband and their two kids (yep, 8 adults and 7 kids, 6 of which are under 4!!) for 4 years now.  It's always a week of family fun, and is especially getting more and more special as the kids grow up and become not only cousins, but good friends, like all the big kids are. :)  This week, Tropical Storm Andrea tried to slow us down, but you can't slow down the Lutons!!

So here are some of my favorite shots from the week.  And if you follow me on Facebook (Amanda Midkiff Luton), you can see the rest there!

Best Sister Friends :)  Is there anything better? :)
A little beach crack :)
My Darling Gracie :)
Pop and Gracie enjoying her favorite movie, The Lion King, or "Yi-yon-ing" :)
Nana and Pop and all the grandkids!
Our last-day-family-shot as we were leaving 
On the swing, just as we had arrived 
Ben getting his first view of the ocean, and Tropical Storm Andrea brewing behind us!
G was not a fan of the water.  Loved the sand, but not the water.
All the grandkids with Nana and Pop in their matching Goat & Lulu summertime initial dresses and shirts!
Pop and Ben :)
Official Family Photo outfits :)
Three Generations of Luton Men :)
The girl loves ice cream :)
Me and My Girl :)
Brantley, Banks and Maddie, cousins all born within three months of each other!  AKA, the three amigos :)
Silly Girls :)
More with my boy :)
I loved this moment...the storm was brewing and the winds were really blowing, and Scott took Ben down to the beach before dinner for some quiet time by themselves :)
My only blue-eyed baby! :)
Ben and Daddy walking on the beach!
This boy loved the sand, and was pretty much always covered in it!
My Almost-Four-Year-Old (WHAAA????) enjoyed time with her cousins.  I hardly saw her!
One of my favorite moments-when my boy who never falls asleep in my arms anymore, fell asleep in my arms to the sound of the ocean.  Perfect.
Good nap :)

Yeah, this was a good moment too :)

Brantley was so proud of her Sandcastle "Kingdom!"
Chillin' in the pool.  That we brought on the beach.  That was awesome.
Sweet cheeks :)
My boys :)
The Happiest Baby in the World.  And he loved his first time at the beach.
Thanks wonderful Luton Family and Edisto for the wonderful week and beautiful memories!  
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