Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Brantley

Four years ago today.

This little girl made me a mama.

It's so hard to believe that today I have a four year old.

My sweet little baby girl has grown into a smart, creative, friendly, precocious, kind, loving little girl that I love beyond words.

She loves her family, orange juice, animals, coloring, skittles, Dora, swinging, school, Mama Puppy, and so much more.

My life would not be as fun without her precious smile and delicate little singing voice in it.

Our family would not be complete and our hearts would not be full without our Brantley Girl and the beautiful light she brings to our lives.

Happy Birthday, my Darling Brantley Girl!  We love you SO much and are so proud of the sweet little lady that you are.

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