Thursday, June 27, 2013

Free Glasses!

Me and my FREE glasses!  not bad!
Most people don't even know that I wear contacts.  I've worn contacts for so long that I honestly can't even remember when I got them.  I got a pair of glasses when I got my contacts, but never with the real intent of wearing them.  Just in case, really.  And that's how my glasses have always been for me.  

I don't like taking out my contacts, so I use the ones that you can leave in and sleep in and do everything in.  I only take them out and wear my glasses on rare occasion, and do not like to spend a lot of money on them since I rarely wear them!

So when Grayson pulled my last pair of glasses apart a few months ago, I thought about going back to the ophthalmologist and getting the same pair, but then I saw a few online ads for "free glasses" on a few blogs, and thought, why not!  So I tried out Coastal and Firmoo Online Optical Stores, and they were great!

My funky second pair :)
The deal on both of the sites is that first time customers can get their first pair of glasses for free.  It's not every pair of glasses in their shops, but they have a limited selection (but still a great selection) of glasses to choose from.  You can upload a picture of yourself and use the virtual try on tool on both sites to try them out on your face, which is definitely helpful.  Then you input your prescription, place your order and you're done!!  You do  have to pay for shipping ($12 from Coastal and $7 from Firmoo), but cool prescription glasses for $12 and under??  Yep, I'll take em!
The downside?  Yeah, they're not perfect.  They don't fit my head just right like when you buy them at the doctor's office and they fit the to your head.  And yeah, the second pair is a little too big.  BUT.  They were $12 and $7.  Last time I was at the eye doctor, I didn't see any frames under $100 except for the $89 grab bag.  And since I wear my glasses maybe 5 days a year, I don't mind that they don't fit perfectly.
So if you need a new pair of frames, or need a back up and don't have much cash, or just want to try out a different style that you typically wouldn't, then try them out!  It's worth a shot, and you may end up really loving your (almost) free glasses!

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  1. I have considered purchasing glasses online but have been hesitant to since they may not fit my face correctly. However, I believe that we can take them to the place that gave us the prescription for a fitting. I'm going to give it a try. I remember once going to a vision place for one pair of glasses and they offered to fit another pair I had that I had not purchased from them. They didn't mind.

    1. Good to know! Since I don't wear mine often I figured that as long as the prescription was correct, the fit wouldn't matter too much to me. If I had to wear them everyday, I'd probably go my eye doctor to make sure I got a good, quality pair and a good fit, but for a back up pair for the few times I actually wear them, it's not bad at all! Good luck!

  2. I've never heard of this. Thanks for posting it. My husband has sensitive eyes and he has to wear sunglasses and he also has to wear glasses all the time. He is rough on them at work so this will be a blessing to get them cheaper.
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