Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY American Flag Garland

I have a *slight* obsession with all things banner, garland and bunting.  They are easy to make, great for everyday decorative touches, and even better for holidays and celebrations!  

So this year I wanted to make a simple, cute and easy garland for the Fourth of July.  It can be sewn together, or it can be no-sew, whichever you prefer!  And inexpensive too, I made it for about $6.  So, follow along with me if you'd like to make one for yourself!

Here's What You Need:

12 Small American Flags
I bought three packs of four flags from Wal Mart for $1 a pack!

One package of red (or navy or white) extra wide double fold bias tape.  Make sure you get the extra wide double fold bias tape.  You can find this near the thread in the sewing/fabric section of your local craft store.  

If you're going to sew the garland, you'll need thread and your sewing machine.  If you're not sewing, you'll need a hot glue gun and glue sticks, or fabric glue.

And Here's What You Do:

Carefully pull the flags away from the flag "poles."  Mine were just stapled on, so they came off easily.

My flags were a little wrinkly, so I ironed them out so they'd be nice and smooth.

Next, lay your bias tape out flat on the floor.  It should be three yards long.  If you look at it closely, you'll notice that one side is slightly shorter than the other.  You want that short side facing up.  That way, when you sew the tape, you'll make sure to sew through the front of the tape, through the flag and to the back of the tape.  The thing that's so great about using the double fold bias tape for garlands/buntings like this, is that the bias tape is folded over, and when you open it up, you can slide your flag right in and it sandwiches right in.  So space your flags out evenly along the bias tape, and sandwich them between the two layers of bias tape.

Pin flags in place along the bias tape.

Once all your flags are pinned to the bias tape, you're ready to sew!  If you're not sewing, get your hot glue gun heated up, and go ahead and glue your flags in between the bias tape.  In between each of the flags, glue your bias tape shut so it doesn't open it once you hang it.  And then you're done!  How easy!

If you're going to sew, get your machine cranked up!  The bias tape and your presser foot are pretty much the same width, so put your foot right on top of the bias tape, and your needle should be right along the edge of the tape.  Begin to sew your tape shut, and making sure that your flag is in between the tape layers, and all the way to the back fold of the bias tape.

Once you start sewing, it should look like this!

Keep sewing down through each flag, removing each pin as you get the edge of the flag sewn down.  Sew the entire length of the tape, and you're done!!

Hang it up on two tree limbs for a picnic, or over your mantel, on your front porch, or anywhere!  You can hang it up for Memorial Day, through Flag Day and the Fourth of July, and all summer long!  It's a very easy and very festive way to show a little national pride. :)

I hope you enjoyed this simple little DIY and it gives you some inspiration for an easy Independence Day craft!

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