Friday, June 28, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

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If we were on a coffee date at Starbucks this morning I would tell you that...

...after watching both seasons of Homeland in about 8 days total, I needed a new show.  So now I am hooked on Dexter!  Too bad I have to watch seven seasons to get caught up.  I have been watching marathon-like each night after the kids go to bed (and Scott too!),  and staying up waaaaaaaaay too late to watch just one more.  I love the show, but I'm anxious to get through it all so I can get some sleep!

...I went to the grocery store by myself after Scott got home and the kids were in bed, and it was wonderful.  You can see so many more fun things and exciting new products when you're by yourself and not playing referee, keeping the 2 year old from biting into an onion, running to the bathroom for the 4 year old, and keeping the baby from gumming the shopping cart handle (grosssssss).

...I think Grayson and Bennett are going to be the best of little friends.  Brantley and Grayson will have that wonderful sister bond, but Ben and Gracie will have a special relationship.  They are only 16 months apart, and it is the highlight of Grayson's morning when we go get Ben out of his crib.  She does her little galloping-run to his door and opens it (yeah, she can open doors now-trouble), and runs in saying, "Hey!  Hey!  Haaaa-aaaaay!"  Ben just giggles and wiggles and smiles at her.  I put Gracie in the crib with him, she holds onto the side and jumps, and he just laughs and laughs at her.  It is so sweet to watch him just adoring her.  My heart bursts when I see my babies loving each other like that. :)

...Brantley sings while she draws and colors, and it is SO cute.  Wonder where she gets that from... :)

...the only showers I have gotten lately have been with two little girls tagging along.  But give them each a cup and a sponge and they'll scrub the shower for me while we're in there!  Win-win!

...Brantley's fish that she got for her birthday, Sassy and Roo, are still alive!  We've had them now for 17 days, and they have lived 16 days longer than I thought they would.  I've even had to clean their tank! 

...I wish I could live off coffee and wine.  And that I wish it was acceptable to start drinking before 5:00 during a normal weekday.

...sometimes all you need to do to clear your head is step outside and lay out a quilt, lay down for a few and take a few deep breaths of fresh air.

...I have to take an extra latte to go because I have more packing to do for Midkiff Edisto 2013!  We leave in the morning and I'm so excited for some good food, fun time with family and relaxing on the beach.

If we were having coffee this morning, I would ask you all about how your week is going and what you need to get off your chest.  I'm trying to be a better friend and listen actively, and good coffee talk is a good way to start. :)

What would you share with me over our lattes?  

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  1. Have a safe and fun trip! We head out soon for vaca and the World Series for my daughter's travel ball team. Fun times.

    1. Thank you! And how exciting about your daughter's world series!! I hope they do well!


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