Friday, June 21, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

If we were having a coffee date this morning I would tell you...
...that I am so glad it's Friday.  With Bennett being sick, Grayson boycotting naps, rainy, yucky weather, and me being behind on Goat & Lulu orders, I am totally done with this week.  I am all about the glass being half full and all, but this week Ben threw up in my glass, Gracie knocked it over, it got struck by lightening, and then I broke it.  Time for a new glass.
...that I'm ready to go back to the beach!
...that all the liquor we had leftover from Luton Edisto 2013 will not make it to Midkiff Edisto 2013.  Ooops.
...that I am SO excited about the new direction Goat & Lulu is about to be headed in.  Stay tuned for a new logo, new website (!!!) and new clothing designs, new fabrics, and new giveaways (make sure you follow me on twitter, facebook, and instagram)!!
...that Dexter is a pretty good substitute for my Homeland withdrawl.  Showtime may be the new HBO.  I'm pretty sure the only way I like watching tv these days is when I can watch an entire season, with each episode back to back, for 5 hours straight every night.
...that 24 hours are just not enough to get everything done that I need to get done in one day.
...that I need a night out with my husband by ourselves.  Just a dinner.  Hell, just a walk.  All our babysitters are as busy as we are lately, and we haven't been able to catch a break.  Hopefully soon.
...that Bennett started crawling up the stairs yesterday,  Yikes.  That boy is growing way too fast and will be walking (!!!) before too much longer.
...that I am SO thankful that Grayson's vocabulary has EXPLODED over the past week.  All of a sudden she's talking in 3-4 word sentences, she's repeating words and phrases that we say to her, and communication has opened up with her.  Oh, she is such a precious little girl.
...I need a girl's night pretty badly too.  Or a girl's afternoon?  Lunch?  Just a short break would be nice.
...that being a mom is hard.  But it's as much, if not more, beautiful, as it is hard.  So I will focus on the beauty of it all.
If we were sitting over lattes, what would you share?
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Happy Friday!  Woo-hoo!  Have a great weekend. :) 

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  1. Love this! Such a cute post idea. May have to copy this one at some point! And go, Gracie, go! So awesome!!! Can't wait to hear that sweet voice. :)


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